Re-Review: Wei Lih Jah Jan Mien Instant Noodles With Fried Soybeans Paste

Note – you might like to see this review of the bowl version as well. The review here is the export version, but the bowl has added fun!

Went to the 99 Ranch Market near us a few weeks ago and my son Andy picked this as something he would like to try. Well, today is the day to try it out! The first time I tried this one, I made it completely wrong. Here it is in review #68! Not good!

Back of the package (click to enlarge). Check out the instructions – this isn’t a single bowl of noodles, but rather a bowl of broth and a bowl of noodles that are enjoyed separately.

The noodle block.

The smaller packet, which seasons the broth.

Not a whole lot in this one.

The soybean paste which will coat the noodles.

This makes the noodles end up kind of like Jjajangmen but this is a Taiwanese version.

Here, Andy shows the proper technique: eat some noodles, slurp some soup!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Excellent! The noodles are nice – kind of stick together but that’s not a bad thing really. They have a slightly spicy and salty taste that is really nice. The broth cools the heat (Andy noticed that right away) and has a nice rich flavor. Good stuff – if you haven’t tried it, this is something unique people have really enjoyed. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars!  UPC bar code 4710199050484 .

Here’s a Wei Lih commercial!

The paste is also quite popular on its own – get it here.

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  1. Hello =D

    I am a Taiwanese. I really like your analysis and Andy looks so cute in the picture!

    I love Wei Lih Jah Jan Mien Instant Noodles and Unif Tung-I Instant Bean Vermicelli Chinese Spices Tong Tsai Flavor (Bean Thread)! Just have one recommendation for you. Althought instant noodles can be cooked easily by adding boiling water, the flavor and mouthfeel are really worse than cooking by boiling the nooldes in a pot with water. I just found the link below that shows the cooking steps clearly in method one.=)

    Thank you for your sharing!


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