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#3006: Uni-President Guizhou Spicy Soybean Paste Flavor – China

#3006: Uni-President Guizhou Spicy Soybean Paste Flavor - China

First off, thanks to Kyle K. for help with translating this one! I found this up in Canada at FoodyWorld – a huge Asian supermarket which is a must see for anyone doing the tour of Asian grocery stores up in Richmond – lots of fun and much to see. These were on sale and looked neat so I went and got all the varieties. Let’s give this one a try! ...see full post

#2844: Vedan Jhen Mian Tang Dry Noodles With Soy Bean Sauce

#2844: Vedan Jhen Mian Tang Dry Noodles With Soy Bean Sauce

With the advent in the popularity of the Taiwanese dry noodles sector, larger companies have entered the fray. For those of your that don’t know, dry noodles basically are noodles with a sauce – dry meaning that they do not include a broth. They’re also not fried but either air or sun dried.  They’re gaining popularity – let’s have a look at this mainstream Taiwanese brand’s take on a standard dry noodle variety. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2739: Meimen Noodles With Soy Bean Paste

Vegan Meet The Manufacturer: #2739: Meimen Noodles With Soy Bean Paste Taiwan Vegan

Here’s another one – the second of three varieties from Meimen of Taiwan for this Meet The Manufacturer series. As mentioned previously, all of these are Vegan-friendly. I should also mention – I really like the artwork on these! Let’s take a look at this soy bean paste variety. ...see full post

#2249: Love Cook Sun Dried Noodle – Fruity Soy Bean Paste

A few months back I did a Meet The Manufacturer with Love Cook. Well, they’ve come out witha new flavor and sent me some to try! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2164: Tseng Rice Noodle Chinese Mushrooms With Soybean Vegetarian Braised Pork Flavour

This one sounds curious to me. While I do like braised pork – a lot- I’m unsure about this Chinese mushroom. But hey – I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the mushroom department before, right? Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1078: Deshome Black Eyed Beans Noodle Spicy Soybean Sauce & Sesame Sauce

Here’s another flavor variant of the four-types noodle pack. Let’s check it out!

...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1072: Deshome Aloe Noodle With Spicy Soybean Sauce

So here’s the first of many reviews I’ll be doing of products from Deshome of Taiwan! These are very unique – naturally sun-dried as well as containing aloe! Definitely different! Let’s check ’em out! ...see full post

#982: Meet The Manufacturer – Sun Noodle Ramen Miso Flavor

Miso is a classic flavor for ramen broths. Miso is a thick paste which is made from fermented soybeans and rice or barley and commonly used in Japanese soups and sauces. ...see full post

Re-Review: Wei Lih Jah Jan Mien Instant Noodles With Fried Soybeans Paste

Went to the 99 Ranch Market near us a few weeks ago and my son Andy picked this as something he would like to try. Well, today is the day to try it out! The first time I tried this one, I made it completely wrong. Here it is in review #68! Not good! ...see full post

#451: Myojo Soybean Paste Flavor Ippei-chan Japanese Style Soup Noodles

Ippei-chan! Sounds awesome to me. I’ve been really stoked on Myojo’s products for a long time – well, excluding the duck flavor stuff of course – that stuff tasted horrid… So let’s have some soybean paste flavor noodles! ...see full post

#336: Six Fortune Instant Noodles With Soup

Here’s a Six Fortune – I think this is their flagship or ‘original’ flavor. Anyways, hope its good! ...see full post

#295: TableMark Japanese Style Soup Noodle Soybean Paste Flavor

So I found this at a little store at Alderwood Mall called Daiso. The only thing ramen related they had other than cookware. ...see full post