July 20, 2011

#451: Myojo Soybean Paste Flavor Ippei-chan Japanese Style Soup Noodles

Ippei-chan! Sounds awesome to me. I’ve been really stoked on Myojo’s products for a long time – well, excluding the duck flavor stuff of course – that stuff tasted horrid… So let’s have some soybean paste flavor noodles!

Weird – didn’t expect to see something like this! First time it’s been a printed plastic and then a different thing underneath…

I really like these little packages – very unique. From left to right, veggies, soup base (liquid), soup base (dry).

Click image to enlarge. Added a single fried egg. So not bad! Very soybean – sweet and vegetabley-meaty kind of taste. The noodles were good, the broth was good, the right amount of veggies. Good stuff! 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.