Re-Review: Meet The Manufacturer: Nongshim HooRooRook Premium Korean Noodle Soup

It’s funny how much my wife and I enjoy saying ‘HooRooRook!’ I wonder what it means though… Well, after some research, it came to my attention that it is the sound of slurping noodles.

Here’s the back of the package. Notice it’s made in Seoul – so this is Seoul food! Click image to enlarge.

The noodle block. Thin, delicate and light.

The powder base.

It’s really light and powdery.

The veggie flakes.

I really like the little thin long shreds of seaweed – those make me happy.

The soup paste.

It says to add this after cooking and mix it in. So I did.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added some Fresno peppers, green bell pepper, onion, snap peas and a coupAlso, I found that there were not only the long, thin noodles but very short slightly wider ones – interesting to see dual gauge noodles in a single block. le florets of broccoli. I really liked the broth – it was light and mellow – not to say I all of a sudden don’t like spicy and deep broth, it’s just nice for a change of pace. In the commercial and from other sources, I see that they’re saying it has some spiciness to it but it is very light. The noodles are good too – they remind me slightly of the Nongshim Hearty Beef rice noodles but a much thinner gauge. Thing is though that these aren’t rice noodles at all. What’s also nice is that the whole pack has a gram of fat, 8g protein and slightly lower sodium than others. Bottom line here is that it’s a nice, light and friendly soup that would make most people who only think instant noodles are unhealthy, cheap nasty things change their tune. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 0311461548300 – get it here.

Here’s the HooRooRook commercial with subtitles, starring K-Pop star IU.

Here’s a video on how you can make homemade knife-cut noodles.


  1. I just found three packs of these in the back of a cupboard. I ate one and it tasted just as good as I remember and now I’m thinking about putting the last one up for auction. I figure that if I can get enough for dinner from the sale I’m well ahead and I know my broke ass would probably bid $20 on the world’s (probable) last HooRoo Rook.

    Coming to a well known auction site sometime this summer… If I don’t eat it. HooRoo Rook really was my favorite!

  2. Oh my gosh, HooRooRook has been discontinued?! Mr. Ramen Rater, do you have anything similar to recommend as a good alternative? This was my favorite soup. I loved the mild but flavorful broth and the texture of the noodles; it wasn’t like eating instant ramen at all. (I enjoy spicy too, but sometimes you just want a mild, soothing soup.)

  3. Have they discontinue these? I can’t find them at my local asian store anymore and amazon says they’re out of stock. Also, no entry on the Nongshim website as well =/ My wife sent me a pack of these when I was overseas back in 2010. Haven’t been able to find them since 🙁

  4. Hans, love your website and insights into the noodle world. Just thought I’d mention Nanami Togarashi seasoning for adding a little (salt free) spice and flavor to any kind of noodle soup.In Japan, every time I turn around this stuff is on the table. It’s also great added to scrambled eggs or mixed with mayo for a turkey or roast beef topping. Any Asian supermarket has it for about $2. I’m off to the Asian supermarket to buy up some of your recommendations. Thanks!

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