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#3307: O’Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT – South Korea

#3307: O'Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT - South Korea

Here’s another one I found over at Boo Han Market in Edmonds, Washington. This new O’Taste brand seems to be cropping up a lot lately. It’s interesting as it’s not exactly a Nongshim variety, but it’s Taekyung Food & Processing, and I’m unsure exactly how they fit in with the Nongshim corporate structure. Maybe I should find out. ...see full post

#3236: Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Rice Vermicelli & Noodles – Malaysia

#3236: Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Rice Vermicelli & Noodles - Malaysia

Hey look at this! What is it? Well, their standard Spicy Sakura Prawn has been ranked #2 on the 2018 and 2019 The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time lists. This one has two kinds of noodles – both air dried too so they’re healthier for you. I’m a big fan of prawn mee (that’s what they call it in Malaysia) and I’m ready to have a prawn freakout. Let do this! ...see full post

#3223: New Touch Natsukashi Shoyu Ramen – Japan

Today we have a Zenpop.JP variety – so what’s Zenpop? They’re a subscription service for all things Japanese! Definitely, check them out. By the way, use coupon code RAMENRATER to get $2 off! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ‘Chicken based shoyu ramen – the kind that makes you cherish your memory eating your first shoyu ramen. (natsukoshi roughly means nostalgic). This is like the ramen you see being waten at yatai food stalls set up on streets by characters in some anime. Chopped chashu (roast pork) goes well with this simple, most enjoyed ramen.’ ...see full post