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#3222: Jinmailang Cup Noodles Vegetable Flavor – United States

#3222: Jinmailang Cup Noodles Vegetable Flavor - United States

This is an interesting one. Made in China for the US market. I found this one at a Fred Meyer supermarket here in Lynnwood – the last place I’d expect to see something like this. Not a complaint by any means – nice to see more diversity at domestic grocery stores. Curious what vegetable this one will taste like – broccoli? Peas? Bell peppers? Let’s find out! ...see full post

#3219: Kinchan Squid Yakisoba – Japan

#3122: Kinchan Squid Yakisoba - Japan

Here’s another one sent by the company – thank you! I’ve had quite a few squid yakisoba varieties. This one though is by a different brand – all the others were by the same brand, so this should be a bit different. Having trouble thinking of what to say here; just had a hellstorm with a WordPress update and it’s fixed so feeling happy right now. Sorry! Anyways, let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3157: TIEasy Traditional Scallion Sliced Noodle – Taiwan

#3157: TIEasy Traditional Scallion Sliced Noodle - Taiwan

I got an email asking if I’d like to try a new noodle and of course I said yes. Turns out the fellow who wants to distribute it is up in Vancouver, BC. So I emailed him while we were up there and we met up at Foodyworld in Richmond. He gave me this and another variety as well as a pack with different kinds of noodles that contain vegetable – like a purple yam noodle, pumpkin noodle, etc. This was really cool – we chatted for a few and two days later, I’m giving these noodles a try. Let’s check them out! By the way TIEasy is short for Take IT Easy. ...see full post

#3156: Nongshim Spicy Gamjatang – United States

#3156: Nongshim Spicy Gamjatang - United States

What a week! So last week I didn’t do a single regular review. I was knee deep editing all sorts of unboxings and episodes of The Chocolate Break. While we were out I found this one. I’ve seen it many times before, but buying 5 packs isn’t something I like to do at all anymore as first they’re expensive and second I end up with three extra packs to give a home to. ...see full post