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#3735: Single Grain Hot & Sour Lava Noodles – China

#3735: Single Grain Hot & Sour Lava Noodles - China

Here’s another one of the ‘flower pot’ form factor large cups from China. These are generally really quite good so I’ve got high hopes for this one. Plus, it’s dry. I know it has to be. I think. I should say I screwed one of these up recently but I did redo it. Dry varieties when broth is introduced isn’t so wonderful. Let’s give this one a try. ...see full post

#3530: Shi Zu Ren Energy Instant Hot & Sour Flavor Vermicelli – China

Continuing the cavalcade of Chinese varieties lately, here’s a neat one. These cups so far have been a real treat. Hot and sour sounds like it could be really good – or a deluge of Sichuan peppercorn which might not be so great for me personally. But I’ve got high hopes. I think the number six on this one refers to the tons of sachets in there – it’s pretty ridiculous as you’ll see below. ...see full post

#3159: Sichuan Baijia Big Boss Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Vermicelli – China

#3159: Sichuan Baijia Boss Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Vermicelli - China

Found this one up in Canada at Foodyworld and it looks really neat! The kids are really interested in this one but I’m sure it’s definitely off the charts spicy for them. I’m always curious when I see a cartoon or comic character on a product. Definitely looks interesting, that’s for sure! Let’s crack it open! ...see full post

#2845: LeeZen Hot & Sour Instant Noodles

#2748: LeeZen Hot & Sour Instant Noodles

Found this one up at Hen Long Market up in Canada recently. It was kind of spendy, actually and I remember seeing they had a miso variety too. These are made in Taiwan by Chering Chang- I had a little trouble figuring out what the brand was/what they’re called, but on a bar code search I found them on a Vegan website, so I’m guessing they may be Vegan friendly. Anyways, let’s take a look and give these a try! ...see full post