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New Nissin Cup Noodles Stir Fry Varieties!

Nissin’s Cup Noodles Stir Fry varieties have been pretty good so far. I would say the Korean BBQ one is amazing – it actually tastes like Korean BBQ and not some kind of weird acidic strangeness so many things that bear that nomenclature here in the states offer. Well, there’s two new varieties added to the lineup! I found a pretty good deal on them online. Let’s see what they sent! ...see full post

#3714: A-Sha Dan Dan Noodle – Taiwan

#3819: A-Sha Dan Dan Noodle - Taiwan

This one is from A-Sha and it’s going to be available at Costco for a limited period just in time for Chinese New Year! Like is says on the box, there’s aren’t any sachets in here; it’s literally just blocks of noodles in individual packages. I’ve got an idea for something to do with these, and I thought I’d get this review out in a timely fashio. So let’s check ’em out and give ’em a try! ...see full post

#3711: Single Grain Spicy Sichuan Pepper Instant Noodles – China

#3711: LM Spicy Sichuan Pepper Instant Noodles - China

This one’s a bit of a toughie for me. I found it called LM Spicy Pepper Instant Noodle and thought that can’t be quite it. I also found something by searching the bar code having to do with this noodle and Sprite – like the soda. Maybe a package deal? I’m not sure. My thought is that this is actually a green sichuan pepper variety – I mean the lettering is green… I hope not since I abhor green Sichian pepper. But we shall see. Instructions look to b pretty straightforward at least. ...see full post