#3934: Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen / Garlic / Kewpie Mayonnaise / Egg Version – Japan

#3934: Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen / Garlic / Kewpie Mayonnaise / Egg Version - Japan

A longtime follower of the site named Joe C. mentioned I should give this one a try – thanks! It was featured on a YouTube video by a channel called Way Of Ramen. I figured why not and was impressed. The video is at the bottom, but have a look. Maybe a little less mayo? I don’t often do a numbered review in this way, but I thought since apparently it’s very popular right now in Japan, why not? ...see full post

Sugoi Mart Delivers Review #4000

Sugoi Mart Delivers Review #4000

You’ve probably seen me review Umai Crates from Japan Crate. On the back of the informational pamphlets, there’s an ad for Sugoi Mart. Sugoi Mart is an online store that sells individual items from Japan – among them, instant ramen. I asked my contact at Umai Crate if it was possible to get a sample box I could feature and introduce my readers to Sugoi Mart and get one variety in particular – the one that will be review #4000. They were good with the idea and here we are – it arrived yesterday! Let’s take a look at all in the box! ...see full post

Noodie Brings Futuristic Instant Noodles To The Market!

Noodie Brings Futuristic Instant Noodles To The Market!

Got an email a week or two ago from the creator of a neat new healthy instant noodle product called Noodie. They wanted to send me some, and of course I’m always up to trying something new. I didn’t expect to find something so unique though and I’m really stoked to give them a try – the packaging and the product are just as fascinating as can be – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3930: Doll Ramen Noodles Shrimp Wonton Flavour – Hong Kong

#3930: Doll Ramen Noodles Shrimp Wonton Flavour - Hong Kong

I must admit, it’s been an interesting stroll down memory lane retrying these about ten years after I had them previously. I remember back then I would walk every day to the Asian grocery store, pick a pack, come home, then review it. Much has changed since those reviews pre-1000, that’s for sure. This one I remember being quite nice. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Experiment: The Indomie Bread Recipe

So for a while, I’ve wanted to play with a bread machine. Well, we got one. We could have bought one brand new and had it in a day or two off of Amazon, but my friend Matt is very proud of the machine he got from a Goodwill Thrift store,  and I decided that was the kind I wanted as well. We went to three one day, and then a fourth the second day. In this particular scenarion, fourth time was the charm and we found a Toastmaster 1.5lb loaf bread machine for $12.99 in Redmond, Washington – home of Microsoft and a particularly fancy Goodwill store.

Bread and instant noodles doesn’t sound like an apt combination, but here we are. Here is the recipe we tried and our results. I will say I’m happy with the results – a dense and moist loaf with a nice crust – and very good flavor. It’s exactly as advertised, folks – it’s a loaf of bread made with Indomie – and it tastes like Indomie.

I should mention that the recipe is adapted from the one that came with the bread machine for white bread. We used it as a guideline and made a couple of tweaks. If you’ve got a bread machine, give it a try!

We did a full video on what we did here, but the full recipe is below as well as detailed imagery of the result.

The Indomie Bread Recipe

Ingredients 1 noodle block from Indomie Mi Goreng (cooked and drained) 4 sets of seasoning packets from 4 packs of Indomie - both the dual sachet of dry and triple sachet of wet Lots of shredded coriander (cilantro) 1 cup warm water 2 tbsp sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 2 1/4 cups all-purpose sifted flour 2 1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast ...see full post

New Congee From Mr. Lee’s!

New Congee From Mr. Lee's!

Mr. Lee’s Noodles started out in the UK. Priding themselves as a healthier option, they use freeze dried ingredients to give a better taste and freshness which is really quite a nice departure from the norm. Their varieties of noodle products are rice noodles, so they made the connection to offer congee varieties as well – let’s check them out! ...see full post