#874: Fuji Mengyo Nabeyaki Udon

Got this one at Uweajimaya in Beaverton, OR on our summer vacation. Kind of looks like Jiffy Pop, doesn’t it? So you’re supposed to dump in stuff and cook it on the stove in this foil container. I’m going to use a pot. Thought I should check out Wikipedia about this variety:

Nabeyaki udon: A sort of udon hot-pot, with seafood and vegetables cooked in a nabe, or metal pot. The most common ingredients are tempura shrimp with mushrooms and an egg cracked on top.

Okay, so a metal pot will work just fine here.

Not a lot on the package to read but here’s what I found (click to enlarge).

Fresh udon block.

Soup base.

Very dark with a strong soy flavor.

The tempura disk! Awesome stuff this is!

Not exactly sure what this is.

Green onions?

Here they are – green onions are good!

Red pepper flake?

Sure is!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added veggies, a hard boiled egg, baked chicken, and some Ajishima Salmon Furikake. The noodles are great – your standard fresh udon – nice. The broth had a soy sauce flavor with a slightly sweet back and a little seafood taste. The green onions were nice and the tempura was crunchy and tasty. The funky little star shape looking thing I didn’t know was above? It’s not bad – still not exactly sure if its supposed to be kamaboko or narutomaki or either. Has a nice little taste to it though. This is an interesting one for sure. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars – worth a look.UPC bar code 4960099310007 .

Cooking With Dog makes Nabeyaki Udon!

Found this video on YouTube when looking up Nabeyaki. The funny piece in there that I wasn’t sure was looks a lot like these flowers…


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