#805: Acecook Super Big Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor Japanese Style Instant Noodle

So the last one of these I had was super salty. hoping this one isn’t going to be like that; I couldn’t really eat the last one because of it.

3,290mg of sodium (click image to enlarge).

A nice looking noodle block.

A big seasoning packet.

Veggies and powder.

A liquid packet.

Smells like sesame oil.

Finished. (click image to enlarge) Noodles are lackluster; they lack decent backbone. The broth is extremely salty but has a nice soy flavor. The oil kind of cheapens the experience as does the heavy saltiness A tad less on both would be excellent. The finest point in this one was the veggies. They’re really decent – corn and other bits like narutomaki. That doesn’t save it from doom though. 1.25 out of 5.0 stars – again, so salty I couldn’t finish it. UPC bar code 074410396701 – get it here.

Looks like a commercial for its Japanese version.

How to make soy sauce

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