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#2541: Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

VV3: Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Rounding out the Cup Noodles Very Veggie range is Spicy Chicken. All I can say is that if it’s anything like the other two this will be a no-brainer. I still am beside myself on these; these are just about the best thing I’ve seen come from the United States in a long, long time. So Very Veggie has 1/2 cup – which is one full serving – of vegetables. Let’s check it out. ...see full post

#2538: Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Beef Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Beef Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

This is the second variety I’m trying of the Very Veggie range from Nissin Foods of America. Soon as I heard about these products I was extremely curious. Will they have enough vegetables? Will these vegetables be good? ...see full post

#2535: Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

VV!: Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

When I read about this new product line in my news feeds, I was very curious. For years, I’ve though that the amount of vegetables included with instant noodle varieties in general was way too slim. Of course, vegetables cost money to put in there and so that’s something to consider. ...see full post

New Very Veggie Cup Noodles From Nissin

New Very Veggie Cup Noodles From Nissin

I saw an article mentioning a new product from Nissin Foods America which focused on a lot of vegetables and thought ‘it’s about time.’ I’ve had a ton of instant noodles in my time and honestly very rarely have I been satisfied with the amount of vegetables in them. I dropped a line to my contact over there and boom – a day later here are samples. Let’s see what’s in this box! ...see full post

#2298: Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Chile Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup (New Recipe)

Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Chile Chicken

Finally, after decades of sticking with the same recipe, Nissin has decided to go with something new. On Cup Noodles’ 45th anniversary here in the USA, they’ve changed it to make it healthier. Some changes are no added MSG and no artificial flavors. Furthermore they’ve lowered the amount of sodium in these cups from the previous versions using potassium chloride.  So, let’s give this Spicy Chile Chicken a try! ...see full post

#2167: Great Value Vegetable Flavour Noodles With Vegetables

Here’s one my sister got me from up in Canada for my birthday! Thank you! Walmar instant noodles! ...see full post

#2164: Tseng Rice Noodle Chinese Mushrooms With Soybean Vegetarian Braised Pork Flavour

This one sounds curious to me. While I do like braised pork – a lot- I’m unsure about this Chinese mushroom. But hey – I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the mushroom department before, right? Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#1986: A-Sha Quinoa Noodle with Oyster Sauce and Vegetables

Here’s another one I got from A-Sha’s US distributor recently – thanks! I saw this variety on the A-Sha Taiwan website and was very curious; who is the gentleman on the packaging? Well, I asked and this is what they had to say: ...see full post

ERROR – RE-REVIEW NECESSARY – #1863: Sichuan Baijia Broad Noodle Pickled Vegetable Artificial Beef Flavor

NOTE: I assumed that all of the Sichuan Baijia Broad Noodle series were supposed to be drained. This was apparently was NOT supposed to be drained, hence the review score of 0 stars. It will be re-reviewed soon! Thanks to Bundi R. for bringing this to my attention. ...see full post

#1463: Maruchan Instant Lunch California Vegetable Ramen Noodles With Vegetables

I want to send a special thank you to Craig Y. over at Maruchan for facilitating the process of getting Instant Lunch California Vegetable into my hands! Much appreciated! I hunted high and low for these and couldn’t find them! There are lots of products sold around the United States – and some do better in some areas than others. A good example would be the King Cake. Most people where I live don’t know what a King Cake is, however folks in Louisiana definitely do – it’s a special cake enjoyed around Mardi Gras. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about King Cakes: ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1449: Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood Curry Flavour

Seafood curry! This sounds and looks really interesting. I think this is the first that mentions including cuttlefish, too! I got curries cuttlefish at a dim sum joint nearby a few months ago. It’s pretty good stuff – chewy and had a nice curry sauce. I’ve got some nice things to add to this one I just got at the store the other day. For the last few months, I’ve been trying new things from the seafood counter at the Asian markets around me. I’ve tried quite a few fishball varieties, sliced squid, and got some interesting looking fish cakes! Let’s have a look at this seafood curry from Nissin Singapore! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1076: Deshome Black Eyed Beans Noodles Vegetable & Sesame Sauce

Another one with four kinds of noodles. Let’s delve into this one.

Stickers from the back of the package. ...see full post