#342: Nongshim Shin Big Bowl Gourmet Spicy Noodle Soup

So here we go – an even larger container of Nong Shim Shin Ramyun!

Styrofoam! Ready for battle!!!

This is a good sized and pretty full packet.

Just check out all the powder! It smells spicy as can be! I tasted the remnants left inside the packet – made my tongue burn nicely. The veggies look to be a nice mixture too!

Click image to enlarge. Plus two fried eggs. Wow – what a big bowl of noodles! So they’re hot and spicy – nicely so in fact. Not too much, not too little, The noodles are a little weak though and I think some better ones are in order – less spongy but more quality. The veggies were ample and of decent character, and the broth was superb – like drinking tasty fire. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.


No broth? Seems a little ridiculous. Also, I don’t think eating out of a dog bowl seems all that cool, but what do I know…


  1. Have you tried the Gourmet Spicy in the individual package? I think it’s got to be my all around favorite and the noodles are a bit different than in the bowl. With some green onions and a little grated ginger, it makes my taste buds smile and helps clear out my sinuses.

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