#186: Paldo Teumsae Instant Noodles With Soup


So first off, help with translation here would be great. I think the words on the front of the package have a bit more going on than Paldo Teumsae. Teumsae seems to be another company.

Two packets – veggies and soup base.

I tasted the pinch of the powder. Seemed a little spicy.

Click image to enlarge. I dropped an egg right into the noodles as they cooked. I saw a guy do this on YouTube so thought why not. Well first off, this stuff is hot. I mean hot – probably the spiciest flavored instant noodles I’ve ever had. My mouth, throat and lips are burning like mad right now. The noodles are good enough – slightly ballsy. The egg added a nice element of freshness and the vegetables are very very ample – I mean there’s tons of them! Very good! a 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.



  1. I’m not sure if you got translation about the package front Korean letters yet.
    If not, I may give you a little help. 🙂
    Black logo with white letter means ‘Teumsae Ramen’. ‘Teumsae’ is not just a name but has its meaning of ‘gap’ or ‘niche’ (that of niche market).
    Yellow letter is ‘BBalgaedduck’ which is one of menu in Teumsae ramen. (as far as I know they got only this taste in instant package, but many in off-line store. you can see other menu in their site here. http://www.teumsae.com/teumsae/teumsae21.php)
    Bbalgaedduck is the most top menu in both of popularity and spicy level among their menu. It’s my favorite, too. 🙂
    Hope this might be a help for someone wonders.

      1. Right!
        Its pronunciation is that!!
        ‘면’ which menas ‘noodle’ is ‘myun’ or ‘meon’ in Eng.
        We generally call the instant noodle ‘Ramyun’ in Korea, not ‘Ramen’.

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  3. I picked up some Teumsae with the new Paldo label and it is indeed just as a hot as the old label. Good stuff if you can handle it.

  4. Teumsae is the most popular Ramyun store in Korea. Everyone doesn’t like it. you know… Extremely spicy!! But there are the other menu in the store for people who don’t lke spicy.
    (I wanna present all menu but i can’t remember them T.T)
    Anyway, I know that Paldo proposed a cooperation to make the original one into theinstant ramyun from the CEO of Teumsae ramyun, so not steals :->
    They just have MOU, right??

  5. I’m not sure whats going on here. the Teumsae I’ve had before was hottest soup I’ve ever had and it was not made by Paldo though it looks like Paldo stole the Teumsae logo. I certainly hope Teumsae was not sold to Paldo.

  6. Well I think maybe you only rated it a 3 out of 5 because you don’t prefer really spicy. Actually I can handle really hot spicy stuff and I prefer really spicy because I am immuned to it and this was sooooooooooooo delicious! The best ramen flavor ever! I think this had LOTS of flavor in it. Way better than Shin ramen which is so overrated by people. Satisfies my hunger for spicy^^ I really love the vegetables, especially the little mushrooms! I rate this a 5 out of 5!

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