#187: Paldo Hwa Ramyun Hot & Spicy With Soy Peptide Oriental Style Noodle With Soup Base

So I thought after yesterday’s meeting with the super spicy noodles, I thought I’d see if two days in a row of pain would work out pretty well. So Here’s some hot & spicy with soy peptide! Yum!

So here’s powder and vegetables ready to go.

So veggies and powder. Ample amounts of each, which seems to be the hallmark of the Paldo packages of noodles.

So here she be (click image to enlarge). I added two eggs during the noodle boil. I think it was an excellent idea. This is some seriously tasty fare here! The noodles are nice and firm, the broth is spicy but not like yesterday where I had burning lips for almost an hour after the fact. The veggies are delicious and the eggs added just the right touch to round out the meal. I am giving it 4.25 out of 5.0 stars – I really enjoyed this quite a bit!Especially the soy peptides! Fun and yum! Get it here.


  1. may i know wat is the things almost near to middle the bowl with round shape with a little orange or milk colour i think..is tat vege too?

  2. I have not tried the packaged version, but these are my number one favorite cup noodles. I love how firm the noodles are, and it is just the right amount of spice. 🙂 Maybe I’ll try the package version someday ~ But I love the cup version! Even more than shin ramyun. ^^

  3. This one is just ok, lol not spicy enough for me, I’d say for people that don’t like spicy or can’t handle spicy then maybe they will like this, but my friends who also like really spicy like me wouldn’t care much for this one XD Paldo’s Teumsae is much tastier lol I rate this a 2.5/5

    1. What I’ve noticed is that the spiciness in almost all of this stuff is just from standard old chili powder. I found one that I like a lot at an Indian grocery in Shoreline. It comes in a clear glass jar and its called Amangfopong I think. Anyways, it’s hot and spicy stuff and comes from africa and from the same chilies they use as elephant repellants – the elephants eat the chilies and take off instead of eating the crops!

      The Ramen Rater

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