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#2718: Banzai Instant Noodles “Tom Yam Kung” Shrimp Flavour

#2718: Banzai Instant Noodles "Tom Yam Kung" Shrimp Flavour Vietnam snackoo snackoo.com www.snackoo.com

These came by way of Snackoo – a company that supplies you with great snack boxes, containing all sorts of fascinating things as well as ramen noodles. Why not check them out? ...see full post

#2570: Tao Kae Noi Ramen Creamy Tom Yum Kung Flavour

Tao Kae Noi Ramen Creamy Tom Yum Kung Flavour - Thailand - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

So I haven’t done a review of this company’s products before, however I have had therm in the past. Tao Kae Noi is pretty well known for their crunchy seaweed snacks. They make them in quite a few flavors – my favorite are their tom yum flavored ones – spicy and tasty.This pack comes with a couple pieces of their snack seaweed. Let’s see a little from Wikipedia about Tom Yum Kung – ...see full post

#2551: KOKA Signature Tom Yum Flavor Instant Noodles

#2551: KOKA Signature Tom Yum Flavor Instant Noodles - The Ramen Rater - Singapore

I recently did a Meet The Manufacturer series with KOKA (actually the company that makes KOKA is called Tat Hui) – they sent pretty much every SKU they make! Thanks again! So during a Meet The Manufacturer, I only review up to 15 varieties. So, there are some leftovers which are always nice. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about tom yum – ...see full post

#2500: The Ramen Rater Select Supreme Creamy Tom Yum Noodle


The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Rice Noodles Of All Time 2017 Edition

Now for the third year, I’m coming out with the latest Top Ten Instant Rice Noodles list. Rice noodles have some benefits as opposed to their fried wheat counterparts. First, they’re virtually fat-free. Also, they’re not fried. Rice noodles are gluten-free by nature, although the ingredients in the sachets that come with these varieties might not be. People ask me for a gluten-free list often, but that would be rather difficult as I’d have to pore over every ingredient list on every review to do this. Well, let’s have a look at these great rice noodle varieties – the best instant rice noodles varieties of the almost 2,500 reviews to date! ...see full post

#2400: Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam Seafood Flavour

#2400: Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam Seafood Flavour - Singapore - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

This was sent to me by Ippin, a purveyor of wonderful Japanese items! Thank you again! This is one from Singapore. Tom yum is a very popular flavor in Southeast Asia – here’s a little about tom yum from wikipedia: ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2178: MAMA Instant Tom Yam Rice Noodles

A few days back I reviewed the flat noodle version of this one. What will this one be like? Let’s find out! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2176: MAMA Instant Rice Vermicelli Yentafo Tom Yam Mohfai

The wheat noodle version of MAMA’s Yentafo Tom Yam Mohfai has been on the annual The Ramen Rater Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time list as well as the cups list for the cup version before. Very curious how the rice vermicelli will be! Looking forward to it – let’s give it a try! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2171: MAMA Instant Flat Noodles Tom Yum Flavour

I have all the noodles that MAMA sent in a big bag and going to blindly pick them out every day! Today, I pulled out this rice noodle – wide! Plus, tom yam flavor – definitely a good foot to start out with. Tom yam has a spicy and citrussy flavor to it – crisp and refreshing and tasty! Let’s have a look! ...see full post

#2058: Zow-Zow Instant Noodles Tom Yam Shrimp Flavoured

Here’s one that the folks from Prima Taste in Singapore sent – thank you! I’ve been curious about this brand for a very long time; mainly because of the name. Zow-Zow just sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s see how this tom yam noodle holds up! ...see full post

#1848: MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle (New Version)

So the number one on my annual Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time list got some new clothes! Why do I like this one so much? Well, when I got to visit the island of Langkawi, Malaysia (which is a stone’s throw south of Thailand), I got to try all sorts of tasty foods. One was tom yum. I got to try it a couple of ways – check it out! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Vit’s Tom Yam Instant Noodles

Re-reviews are kind of a trip sometimes; they don’t get a number, but they get another try. Usually they end up getting the same score, but sometimes they do a little better or worse. I kind of doubt there’ll be any change – had this one for the first time 40 reviews ago at #1791. Let’s give it a look! ...see full post