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Interview With Way Premium Foods – Malaysia

Meet The Manufacturer: #2760: Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles

Meet The Manufacturer: #2849: Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodle

To start things off, we have a variety with Sakura prawns. I’ve never heard of these – here’s what Wikipedia has to say about them: ...see full post

#2757: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle (2018 Recipe)

#2828: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle (2018 Recipe)

I’ve always been impressed how often MyKuali changes their recipes. I want to say this may be the fourth iteration of the Hokkien Prawn Noodle thus far – at least that they’ve sent and I know of. I’ll admit I’ve not always been keen on the changes, but it really is nice to see companies that want to keep improving – even a product that’s very well received to begin with. Let’s see how this new change taste! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2655: Alhami Instant Noodle Prawn Flavour

Meet Ther Manufacturer: #2655: Alhami Instant Noodle Prawn Flavour

I really like prawns – especially the big ones. Mantis prawns are really big – had those in Malaysia. The river prawns in Thailand are spectacular and prepared right they’re just as succulent as can be. I don’t know much about prawns in Indonesia. Let’s ask Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2441: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle (Japan Version)


#2441: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle (Japan Version) - Malaysia - Japan - hokkien mee

Here’s the final of the three Japan version MyKuali boxes. This one’s a favorite of mine (as are the other) but lately it’s been a real treat. Here’s a little about Hokkien Prawn from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2394: Nissin Cup Noodles Prawn Flavour

#2394: Nissin Cup Noodles Prawn Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater

I realized I had a problem recently. Indeed, all my shrimp in the freezer was freezer burnt and I needed to just toss them out and get some new ones. I can’t remember the last time I got new shrimp – I want to say it’s been a few months. So, I got some 31-40 ones. So the way they gauge size of shrimp is by the number you get per pound. I have been able to get the 16-20 ones before, but the place I get them doesn’t have any of them that are pre-cooked and tail on but the 31-40 it is. So it’s prawn today – sounds like a good time to test out the new shrimp, eh? So let’s check out this prawn flavor instant cup noodle from Nissin of Hong Kong. ...see full post

Penang Curry Samples From Nyor Nyar!

A package from Malaysia! Let’s look within!

Hmmm what do we have here?

Penang White Cuury in regular and vegetarian! Seems like for a while I was reviewing so much white curry… Really excited to try some again!! ...see full post

#2091: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle Authentic Taste

The third and final of the cups I received from MyKuali – thanks again! The Hokkien Prawn (aka Spicy Prawn Noodle) was #2 on this year’s The Ramen Rater’s top Ten Instant Noodles Of all Time 2016 Edition. I recently read a little about these cups – the noodle they are using is referred to as ‘shabu noodle.’ Just a little something you might be curious about. Anyways, let’s see how the sweetness of Hokkien Prawn translates with this new noodle! Let’s crack it open! ...see full post

#2054: Suimin Noodles With Curried Prawn Flavour

Here’s another one from the big batch of cups that Jen from Australia sent – thank you again! Curries prawn eh? That sounds good – let’s have a look! ...see full post

#1980: Suimin Noodles With Prawn & Chicken Flavour

Here’s the first review of the donations sent by Jen of Australia – thanks again! So this is a new brand to me – was hard not to type Sumin but it’s Suimin… Made in Australia! Also, it’s prawn and chicken flavored – something I’ve never come across before. Let’s give it a look! ...see full post

#1965: MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle Authentic Taste

MyKuali has been tinkering with upgrading their recipes during the last year or two. One thing they told be when I visited in 2014 was that the hawkers are always fine-tuning their recipes, and that they planned on doing the same thing. When I asked what the difference is with this new iteration, I was told that an aspect of the shrimp powder has been altered to give it an even more authentic taste. I found tha the Hokkien Mee I had in Penang a couple years back was very close to what I got from the MyKuali Hokkien Mee. Let’s see how this one tastes. ...see full post

#1942: Ibumie Always Mi Goreng Perisa Sambal Udang

The last of the Ibumie Always Mi Goreng varietals I found at 99 Ranch recently – or I should say my lovely wife say them. Udang means prawn and sambal is wondroud spicy stuff of dreamsLet’s check it out! ...see full post