#615: Yamamori Tom Yam Ramen Prawn Flavor

Made a trip to Seattle and hit up Uwajimaya and got a ton of new noodles – lots of Japanese bowls! Anyways, let’s start with this prawn tom yam…

The back (click image to enlarge). I found if you go to Google and type in the digits in the bar code and then use Google translate and boom – there’s the info you need.

I think I’ve seen this packaging before

The ramen block – with some seasonings.

Powder on the left, seasoned oil on the right.

Click image to enlarge. Added an egg during the boil as instructed on the package [yay!]. This is some serious stuff –  the noodles are very nice – not plump but very tasty with a slightly crumbly nature on the palate after a chew or two. The flavoring is perfect; a lot of lemony shrimp and spicy heat going on. The egg entices and offers a cooling oasis of respite from the fiery tastes offered. I loved it. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

How to make Tom Yam soup.

Old school aircheck for New Year’s 1975.


  1. Wow, good memory with recognizing those packets! I bet the same company makes multiple products, some for export in other languages, and some in japan, etc.

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