#365: Nissin Cup Noodles Prawn Flavour

So here’s another one my sister brought me back from Canada! Definitely a flavor you can’t find here in the states.

Look at that – even has it in Japanese on the side! On the back however it says it is manufactured for Nissin foods in Singapore and under that it says it is a product of Thailand! Kind of leaves a sense of where the heck is it from!

Please do not litter!

A single packet in this one – and its a mushy kind of stuff…

Weird; it looks like custard! It DOES NOT smell like custard though! More like a weird oil with a hint of something.

Prawns – from the front…

Click image to enlarge. …and from the top! So here’s the scoop: the prawns are okay. What do you expect; awesome dehydrated prawn? The noodles were decent – better than your average Cup Noodles from the USA. The broth was salty and a little seafoody. The veggies were decent. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

This is a great commercial!

This will blow your mind! Yakisoban!!!

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