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#4282: Nissin U.F.O. Truffle Carbonara Flavour Yakisoba – Singapore

#4421: Nissin U.F.O. Truffle Carbonara Flavour Yakisoba - Singapore

This is pretty cool – it only arrived a day or so ago and it’s only around for a short time I believe, so I’m rushing it out. I definitely like carbonara. Truffles are interesting from what I’ve experienced of them. I used to visit a restaurant every once in a while called Perche No in Seattle – an Italian restaurant whose head chef was Malaysian! Anyways, he made all sorts of fascinating fusions. Was at a special dinner there once and he brought out a big container of truffles and let us check them out. Truffles are hard to describe; kind of like the finest old book smell but edible. It’s really different and compelling. Well, this yakisoba has aromatics of truffle which is very interesting to me. Big thank you goes out to Nissin Singapore for contacting me about these and sending some! Let’s get to it. ...see full post

New Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba From Nissin Singapore!

New Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba From Nissin Singapore!

I got an email from Nissin Singapore recently telling me about a new product being released and asking if I’d like to try it. Of course I said yes! This is really neat – Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba from their U.F.O. range – really curious about it. Alien characters, Halloween coming up soon – let’s check it out! It came in a really fascinating box! Thanks to the folks from Nissin Singapore for sending this over! ...see full post

Prima Taste Sends Promo Materials From Singapore

Every once in a while, I get to see stuff that consumers might see overseas, and this is one such time. This was a neat package full of promo stuff Prima Taste made this year, celebrating their 7th time leading the pack on my top ten list! If you haven’t tried their laksa, I highly recommend it (obviously). I really love getting this kind of stuff – thank you very much! ...see full post

#4132: Nissin Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry Flavor – Singapore

#4235: Nissin Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry Flavor - Singapore

This is an interesting review. Usually, the reviews I post daily have been done months in advance. However today’s review was probably done the day prior. It’s Monday night right now, the kids are having dinner, the guinea pigs a weeping waiting for theirs. I’m writing this framework for review #4235. The thing is that this product was introduced in Singapore on April 4th and only made for 3 weeks, so they’re already running out. They sent me a special box with some samples and I posted the unboxing today. So I’m going to review it tomorrow (Tuesday), and release it on Wednesday. So that being said, I’ll have to switch the number of this review with the one that was going to come out on Wednesday. Should be fine. Since this is so limited edition, I just want people to see it while it makes sense for them to see it. Anyways, there you are. I hope it’s good! ...see full post

Limited Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry From Nissin Singapore!

Ready to see something extra special? This is a limited-time variety from Nissin Singapore which debuted on April 4th, 2022 and if you want to get some, you’d better hurry! They’re only available in Singapore and sound really great – I’ll be trying them very soon. I’ve had fish head curry once before in Penang, Malaysia on the same day we arrived there way back in 2014. It was pretty crazy – our flight left Seattle at midnight, then 13 hours to Taiwan, a few to Singapore, then a short hop to Penang. Got there in the afternoon, and much later got to go out for dinner. Let me tell you – we were seeing things at that time – all the adrenaline rush of going somewhere fantastic and new and serious sleep deprivation! Well, let me say it was really tasty – definitely want to return and really want to visit Singapore to sample it there as well! I’ve got the next best thing – some Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry! Let’s check it out – really fancy presentation! ...see full post

#3817: WhatIf? Foods Bamnut Noodles With Sweet Hot Seasoning – Singapore

#3817: WhatIf? Foods Bamnut Noodles With Sweet Hot Seasoning - Singapore

I did a bunch of preliminary work with an interviewer from Channel News Asia a while back for a program they were developing. They chose to not include me in it, which does happen. I was disappointed, but the interviewer was really nice and connected me with a company who was to be featured on the show. The show was focusing on the trend of more health focused noodles around the world, and these are some from that company, WhatIf? Foods. Definitely a unique box! Let’s look within and give them a try! ...see full post