Show Your Noodles #19

If you’re new to The Ramen Rater’s Show Your Noodles, every week you can email me a picture of some noodles you’ve made. include your name and location and I’ll post it on the weekly roundup! Fancy or functional, it doesn’t matter. I mean, you could do literally anything you want with some instant noodles – use your imagination!  Want to be part of next week’s Show Your Noodles? Just email me at Let me know you first name, last initial, and city/state or country! My wife does the judging – here we go!

In second place, here’s Annika L. from Tallinn, Estonia’s entry:

These are Ajinomoto Oyakata curry soba noodles with bacon, fried veggies, benishouga (plum vinegar marinated ginger) and sour cream.

In first is Drew D. from Los Angeles, California:

This is Nong Shim HooRooRook with corn, green onion, portabello mushrooms,  jalapenos, cabbage, carrots, hard boiled egg with McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Pepper Sauce and Mixed Up Krazy Salt.  In the broth, I boiled red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, Srirracha Garlic Sauce and a pinch of sea salt.  These have definitely become my favorite noodles!

Well, that’s all! Please send your pictures of what you do with noodles! Anything you got, it’ll make it on here! From gourmet to bizarre!

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