Journalist Sends Newspapers, Noodles From South Korea

Yesterday I got a box from South Korea! Moon Hee Wi, the journalist who wrote the article about me in the JoongAng Ilbo sent me some copies of the newspaper – and some other things too!

Hey cool – newspapers!

Here’s the article! Click image to enlarge. If anyoine would care to translate the whole thing, I would be very thankful and would post the translation as well as give credit to whoever does it!

Shrimp Crackers and some little chocolate cream filled things, on the right is a mild Neoguri ond the left are tubes of spicy red pepper paste! Good stuff and ultra spicy for sure!

Ahh! A nice combo of Korean noodles! Jinjja Jinjja, Kkokkomyeon, Chapagetti! Also some seaweed – haven’t tried it yet but should soon! Thanks again for the write-up! Was a fun interview!

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