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#4284: Lotus Foods Spicy Kimchi Rice Ramen Noodle Soup – United States

#4284: Lotus Foods Spicy Kimchi Rice Ramen Noodle Soup - United States

Well, hmm. This is the third variety of these I’ll be trying and the first two did very poorly. They both got zero stars. It really bums me out because these folks make some amazing rice products, but I have to say the translation into ramen makes my palate wretch. Hopefully, this one will be better! Third time’s the charm? We shall see. ...see full post

#4271: Lotus Foods Garlicky Veggie Rice Ramen Noodle Soup – United States

#4271: Lotus Foods Garlicky Veggie Rice Ramen Noodle Soup - United States

I haven’t tried anything from these guys in quite a while. Their pillow packs were definitely not well received by this reviewer, but that was a very long time ago. These cups look interesting. These folks also make rice which is quite good – especially the ‘forbidden rice.’ Let’s give this thing a try. ...see full post

#3750: Nongshim Soon Kimchi Noodle Soup – United States

#3750: Nongshim Soon Kimchi Noodle Soup - United States

I’ve long been a fan of the Soon line of products from Nongshim. If asked whether I’d want Shin Ramyun or Soon, I’d hit the Soon. Why? It just has a really nice smooth finish (it sounds like I’m describing a beer but really it does). This time they’ve got a trifecta of new versions – kimchi, a spicy tomato and a miso tofu. Today kimchi is on the menu – let’s check it out. ...see full post

#3224: Rooster Chili Chicken Flavour Noodle Soup – Canada

#3124: Rooster Chili Chicken Flavour Noodle Soup - Canada

Another one from the Real Canadian SuperStore! Man, I just ran my knee into a metal bar that supports my desk. That really hurt. I’ve been doing a lot of walking yesterday – on my birthday last week I did 18,000+ steps – yesterday I did over 15,000. I’m knee deep into trying to walk as much as possible. I think by the time this post comes out I’ll have lost a lot more weight. I started in November, 2018. I was wearing size 48 pants – yeah… It’s March and I’m down to 42, so we shall see where I’m at then… Been trying to stick around 1,200 calories a day too… I’m going to bake some chicken to go with this one. I like chicken. Let’s look at this one. ...see full post

#3076: Rooster Chili Chicken Flavour Noodle Soup – Canada

#3076: Rooster Chili Chicken Flavour Noodle Soup - Canada

Here’s one of the many varieties I still have from Rooster, a range made in China for Canada’s Loblaw’s company. Loblaw’s owns The Real Canadian SuperStore, and that’s where I found these. Just think of Walmart, but slightly different and Canadian owned – not American. Let’s check this one out – the others in this range have been surprisingly good despite the very plain look to them. ...see full post

#2958: Rooster Kimchee Flavour Noodle Soup

#2958: Rooster Kimchee Flavour Noodle Soup

Here’s another one we found at the Real Canadian Superstore in Richmond, BC. The last one was found in the more domestic area while this one was found with the more Asian food varieties. They have tons of this Rooster branded stuff in bowls, packs, cups – singles, multi packs and cases. It’s pretty impressive. they did also have a nice selection of other things. Cool store! Let’s check this kimchee variety out! ...see full post

#2426: Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Pad Thai Noodle Soup

#2426: Dr. McDougall's Vegan Pad Thai Noodle Soup - United States - The Ramen Rater

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed anything by Dr. McDougall’s. Why? Well, the first one I tried was a disappointment. I saw this one recently and thought maybe I should give them another chance. I am not expecting this will be one I like very much though; the two lines in large print immediately contradict eachother: ‘Pad Thai’ and ‘Noodle Soup.’ This just sounds wrong. But hey – maybe this is really good stuff. Let’s give it a look. ...see full post

#2419: MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle Soup (Japan Version)

A while back the folks at MyKuali sent over samples. I give reviews to different versions of products and this is certainly different. This is the Penang Red Tom Yum Goong that is now in Japan. As you can see on the front of the box, a rank #1 on the 2015 Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time list. Well, what’s tom yum? Here’s something from Wikipedia: ...see full post

#1952: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Brand Instant Oriental Noodle Soup Artificial Beef Flavor

Here’s one I thought would be a re-review. I was on the 99 Ranch Market noodle aisle and though ‘hey this would be an interesting one to check out to test my new camera setup.’ Well as it turns out, I’ve never reviewed this one – very strange! As for my new camera setup, it’s been a rough go. I’ve never used DSLR in the past – only point and shot. It’s a pretty steep learning curve and the first day I had this thing I was ready to chuck it out the window! But after some time I’m starting to get the hang of it. Lightbulbs, lenses, f-stops, ISO settings and shutter speeds. It’s a lot to juggle and I still don’t think I’ve found the sweet spot yet. But I’m still working on it! Anyways, let’s check out the interesting looking beef variety from Taiwan. ...see full post

#1866: MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle

Here’s the last I have of the new packaged varieties of MyKuali products. Before, this was called Hokkien Prawn, but now it appears they’ve gone to a more streamlines title and packaging. Prawn Mee as it’s known in Southeast Asia is a spicy and prawn filled extravaganze of flavor and wonder. If you like prawn, this is definitely something you should enjoy! Let’s look within! ...see full post

#1707: Azami Hot And Spicy Flavour Noodle Soup

Here’s one I got from Justin M. from Winfield, BC up north of here in Canada! Thanks! Let’s see here: the instant noodle was invented in Japan. This one is sold in Canada under the name Azami and sold by Loblaw’s, a supermarket chain. It’s manufactured in China. I’ve been hoping one of these Azami varieties would really blow me away; hot and spicy is a flavor profile I generally like a lot – let’s see how it fares! ...see full post

#1622: Nongshim Quick2 Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup With Habanero & Lime

Quick2 is a new one from Nongshim America. The 2 has to do with the cooking time of two minutes. I find this one interesting; kind of a departure from their more premium lines and if you notice the color and lines, it more resembles a pack version of a Nongshim Bowl Noodle in graphic design. Let’s have a look at Nongshim Quick2 and see what’s inside! ...see full post

#1366: Nongshim Sir Long Tang Creamy Beef Noodle Soup

Here’s something new and different from Nongshim. The name might seem a little odd, but it’s a play on the name of a traditional South Korean beef soup called Seoulleongtang, which has a broth which is simmered for a long time with ox bones. I’ve liked non-spicy South Korean beef noodle soups in the past – let’s see how this one fares! ...see full post