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#2997: Rooster Chili Seafood Flavour Noodle Soup – Canada

#2997: Rooster Chili Seafood Flavour Noodle Soup - Canada

Oh – Canada! How you doin’? So we went up to Canada as we usually do about once a month and we’d been seeing the place called ‘The Real Canadian Super Store’ every time but never visited. So it’s part of Loblaw’s, a mega supermarket group in Canada – the have lots of different stores up there under different names like T&T Supermarket, Loblaw’s, – I think London Drug? Anyways, yeah. This store was like a mega Walmart – but the difference is that it’s real and it’s Canadian. Great noodle aisle – lots of things I’ve not seen elsewhere. Let’s give this one a try – it’s made in China for the Canadian company. ...see full post

#2958: Rooster Kimchee Flavour Noodle Soup

#2958: Rooster Kimchee Flavour Noodle Soup

Here’s another one we found at the Real Canadian Superstore in Richmond, BC. The last one was found in the more domestic area while this one was found with the more Asian food varieties. They have tons of this Rooster branded stuff in bowls, packs, cups – singles, multi packs and cases. It’s pretty impressive. they did also have a nice selection of other things. Cool store! Let’s check this kimchee variety out! ...see full post