#935: Maruchan Instant Lunch Beef Flavor Ramen Noodles With Vegetables

Instantaneous Lunch? Nope – three minutes. But if you’re too impatient for that, I suppose one could eat it raw. I prefer the cooked version myself!

The information panel from the cardboard outer (click to enlarge).

The iconic cup itself.

So I wrote an article about how one shouldn’t blame the cup when spilling their noodles. Here’s the article and in the image above you can clearly see you’ve been warned – don’t microwave it and watch out for the ninos!

The lid on the cup (click image to enlarge). Notice it tells you to heat water in a seperate container in the microwave – don’t put the whole thing in there.

The noodle block. The seasoning is infused – note the powder on the noodles.

A scant few of the veggies – there were more in the bottom of the cup.

Finished (Click image to enlarge). Added fresh sweet onion, stir-fry veggies, thinly sliced ham, one egg, kizami shoga (pickled ginger), Urashima Sesame & Salt furikake. Cooked the noodles as specified, sampled, fried everything in a pan. Added Dua Belibis Indonesian chili sauce at the end. The noodles aren’t bad – about what you would expect from a cup of noodles. I’ve had much better, but I’ve had many that don’t come close to this one’s quality. The beef flavoring is pretty good – tasty. The veggies hydrated well; most notably the corn was good. A nice cup of noodles! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 041789001222 – get it here.

Hunting down a small child with some noodles – works every time!

S recipe involving Maruchan Yakisoba noodles


  1. I’ve been eating these cups for a few weeks now. Mainly the roast chicken, beef, and the spicy varieties. I still wonder if the ‘meat’ chunks are real. Or how low grade meat it is. Like stuff that the meat plant picks up out of the drains after the shift is over.

  2. I have a question- are there any noodle varieties that you have tried that have noodles with the same texture as Maruchan cup noodles, but not in a cup? I buy the cups sometimes because I like the noodles best, but I always throw out the cup. I feel really bad about contributing to styrofoam waste, but I have never found noodles in other packaging that I like as much- fine/thin, chewy, that distinctive “crimped” texture- do you know what I mean? I’m not particular about flavor, just texture. Thanks!

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