The Ramen Rater Challenges PSY To A Ramyun Eating Contest!


     I saw a video recently about PSY being a huge fan of Korean instant ramyun – Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun in particular. He sent a video showing him eating their noodles with a definite excitement and pride. He wants to be the next representative of their products! I got to say, this was really was cool to see. I feel a definite kinship with PSY on this matter – instant ramyun is amazing stuff!

With that, I would like to formally challenge PSY to a friendly Nongshim Shin Cup eating contest! I don’t know exactly how to do a ramyun cup  eating contest as I’ve never been in one or heard of anyone doing one, but I’m sure we could figure it out! Oppan Gangnam Style and Spicy Ramyun Style!

What do you say?

– The Ramen Rater

Hey – what do YOU think?

Here’s the video PSY sent to Nongshim.


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