Show Your Noodles Week 16

Been busy lately so decided it’s time to do this one up!  If you’re new to The Ramen Rater’s Show Your Noodles, every week you can email me a picture of some noodles you’ve made. include your name and location and I’ll post it on the weekly roundup! Fancy or functional, it doesn’t matter. I mean, you could do literally anything you want with some instant noodles – use your imagination!  Want to be part of next week’s Show Your Noodles? Just email me at Let me know you first name, last initial, and city/state or country!

There’s three entries this time. In third place, Michelle L. from New York’s entry

It was my lunch today: udon w/ tofu & veggies, gone psychedelic!

In second place, Anniqa from Sweden’s entry:

I got hungry, reading your review of Nong Shim’s Jinjju Jinjju ramyun. At 3am, I couldn’t very well go see what the local supermarket had, so I made my own version: Wei Lih Jah Jan Mien with peanut butter, sri
racha, some vegs and a few slices of salami. It was ok, but not really great. The salami didn’t really fit, but I was all out of ham. I’ve done MAMA’s Tom Yum ramen with gado gado, habanero, and salty
black beans a lot of times though – that’s better!

In first place, Venessa from Indonesia’s entry:

My noodles is Nongshim’s claypot ramyun. I added some homemade chicken balls, sausage, and an egg. I thought it will be spicy enough so I don’t add any bird eye chilli but I was wrong. It was kind of mild even though the broth’s color is red. But after all it was so fulfilling.

Awesome entries, everyone! Please — enter more photos as often as you like! Hoping to have a lot more next time around!

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