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The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2019 Edition

Th Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2019 Edition

Every year I come out with new lists in many categories. The more reviews I do, the more I figure the lists will change less and less. It amazes me though how much they do change and how much the industry evolves and changes. Here’s the latest list of bowls, current as on review #3180. All products are prepared according to labeling on the package, and scores are given before any external garnish is added. Let’s check out the Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls for 2019! ...see full post

#3086: Nissin Raoh Kogashi Shoyu – Japan

#3086: Nissin Raoh Kogashi Shoyu - Japan

Here’s one from Japan Ramen Box – a subscription service out of Japan. Here’s what they have to say about this Nissin Raoh variety – ‘First released to the public in 1992, Nissin Roa received the title of “Noodle King” for incorporating noodles, soup, and other ingredients together into one amazing dish. As the times have begun to change and technology has allowed
further advancement in the science of ramen, Nissin Rao has also evolved. By creating a dish with deliciousness that cannot be tasted at a ramen shop, this new sensation incorporates the peppery sweet, three-times straightened, and all around delicious fried noodles with their garlic flavored soy sauce. Enjoy pork bone flavors combined with white miso, accented with peppers, and garnished with garlic oil. You’ve never tasted Nissin Rao ramen like this before!’ ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2017 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2017 Edition

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2017 Edition is a list of the best bowls I’ve tried of the over 2400 reviews posted to date. Bowls are interesting insofar as they often contain extra things, since there is more room for sachets, spoons, fork, etcetera. As always, I implore instant noodle manufacturers to contact me – I would love to review your products and all it costs is sending some samples and your time! So sit back, grab a bowl, some hot water, peel back the lid, stir – and enjoy! ...see full post

#2437: Nissin Raoh Nojyuku Toro Tonkotsu Ramen

#2437: Nissin Raoh Nojyuku Toro Tonkotsu Ramen - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant ramen

Here’s one I was sent by Javier from www.BoxFromJapan.com. Box From Japan is a service you can subscribe to and receive monthly boxes of instant noodle bowls from Japan! Pretty nifty. This one is a tonkotsu variant – let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about tonkotsu ramen – ...see full post

#2283: Nissin Raoh Pork Bone Soy Soup Noodle

This is another one sent by Colin from the east coast – thanks again! So pork bone broth is hugely popular in Japan and this sounds like a soy and pork variety to me. Let’s check out this premium variety! ...see full post

#2278 – Nissin Raoh Japanese Instant Ramen Dandan Noodles

Here’s another one from Colin from the east coast – thanks again! So to start with, a little about the originin of these noodles. You se here they’re referred to tantanmen, however they’re also dandanmein – Wikipedia, if you please: ...see full post

#2228: Nissin Raoh Shoyu Ramen

This is one of the fancier instant noodles out there – Nissin’s Raoh is usually great stuff! Comes with fancy noodles, liquid broth and other garnishes such as a slice of chashu pork. Wow. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2185: Nissin Raoh Hot & Sour Ramen

Here’s one that’s been lingering in the hamper a little – sent by a reader named Colin who sent a ton of varieties a few months ago – thanks again! So this is hot and sour – kind of surprised that his even exists as all the Raoh varieties I’ve tried in the past were traditional – shoi, miso, shoyu , tonkotsu et al. Let’s give this one a try! ...see full post

Yet Another Box From Colin

So if you like the reviews lately, many of them can be attributed to a guy named Colin from Massachusetts. He has sent three boxes in the past few months, full of varieties I’ve not reviewed. What’s amazing is that he’s in the USA – just on the opposite coast! Thanks, man! Let’s take a loo inside this one. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2003: Nissin Raoh Rich Miso Flavor

So this one confused me a little; I was sure I’d reviewed it before. In fact, here is review #1069. I’m noticing a couple of differences though. First, different bar code. Second, different water amount. Notice this one says 400ml for 5 minutes whereas the other says 430ml for 5 minutes. Curious. Let’s take a look and see what makes this big fancy bowl tick. ...see full post

#1955: Nissin Raoh Ramen Noodle Soup Umami Soy Sauce Flavor

Here’s the last of the three different Nissin Raoh varieties Nissin Foods USa sent me – thanks again! These have been availble overseas for a very long time, however they are now being imported and distributed in new packaging and with slightly different ingredients for easy import into the United States. This would be known as shoyu over in Japan (shoyu translates into soy sauce). Shoyu is a very popular variety of ramen – here’s a little on it from wikipedia: ...see full post

#1946: Nissin Raoh Shio Ramen

Here’s another one I got from Casey in Hong Kong – thanks! Nissin’s Raoh is a premium line of fancy Japanese ramen. Shio translates to salt – here’s a little about shio from wikipedia: ...see full post