Meet The Manufacturer: #1023: Samyang Foods 三養라면 (Samyang Ramyun) (South Korean Version)

First, I want to wish my wife a Happy Birthday! Love you! Well folks, here it is. This is the ramyun that started it all. Here’s an except from my interview with Samyang Foods about their first product:

TRR> What was your first product?

SF> The first product of Samyang Foods was Samyang Ramyun,released in 1963.

This picture on the left side is the first package of Samyang Ramyun which is the first ramyun in Korea. It was produced in 1963 and tasted like chicken soup. Samyang Foods introduced ramyun to Korea from Japan so the first version of Samyang Ramyun was made to suit Japanese tastes which are light. However, Samyang Foods adjusted it to beef flavor, suiting Korean’s taste which is deep and rich.
However, at the first time ramyun was introduced to Korea, people misunderstood that ramyun was a kind of textile because Koreans call cotton ‘myun’ and didn’t even try to buy one. To make them understand ramyun is a kind of food, Samyang Foods started a free sample stand and it worked. People began to love ramyun and consume ramyun a lot.

I’m glad that people figured out that this stuff was food! This stuff started the huge market which is now South Korean ramyun. It’s sold throughout the world and enjoyed by millions. Thanks, Samyang! Well, let’s take a look!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Probably not vegetarian.

A nice big square block of noodles!Wavy and crunchy.

The powder seasoning packet.

Lots of the powder. Has a nice rich and beefy flavor with a hint of spiciness.

The veggie packet.

A nice assortment.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added green onion, sweet onion, leftover Korean BBQ from last night, an egg, kimchi, and a little tteokbokki. The noodles are great as always – plumps and full of flavor. The broth is full of rich beef flavor and a little spicy. Veggie re-hydrated well. All in all, wonderful. The grandfather of all ramyun! 4.5 out of 5.0 stars! UPC bar code 8801073102538 – get the US version here.

A Samyang Ramyun TV commercial. All that orange – they must be San Francisco Giants fans! But wait… That song sounds really familiar…

Hey its the same song as in Bubble Bobble!

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