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Meet The Manufacturer: #1023: Samyang Foods 三養라면 (Samyang Ramyun) (South Korean Version)

First, I want to wish my wife a Happy Birthday! Love you! Well folks, here it is. This is the ramyun that started it all. Here’s an except from my interview with Samyang Foods about their first product: ...see full post

New TV Spot For Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun Black Cup With PSY

Unless you’ve been hiding under a proverbial rock for the last couple of months, you have heard the song ‘Gangnam Style‘ by South Korean pop star PSY at one time or another, seen the horse dance, etc. Well, After he sent Nongshim a video asking if he could do a commercial for them, they said yes. ...see full post

Donation Of Samples From Nongshim America & Nongshim Korea!

I got two shipments today – one from Nongshim America, which I visited last week (there’ll be a lot of stuff all about the visit, the plant tour and the people very soon!). Here’s the first one from Nongshim America! ...see full post