#729: Meet The Manufacturer: Indomie Mi Instan Mi Goreng Jumbo

This is the stuff of legend – probably Indomie’s most well-known product and extremely popular the world over. Mi Goreng means fried noodles. This is awesome stuff! I’m going to have it with egg, beef, veggies AND cheese . Here’s a part of the interview I did with Indomie:

INDOMIE> Indonesians love to abbreviate, and one of the most well known is INTERNET, which is the abbreviation of Indomie-TeluR-korNET (Indomie with Fried Egg and Corned Beef)
There are variations such as INTERJUNET which is Indomie-TeluR-KeJU-korNET (Indomie with Fried Egg, Cheese and Corned Beef) and INTERSAY which is  Indomie-TeluR-SAYur (Indomie with Fried Egg and Vegetables).

So with everything together, am I having INTERSAYJUNET? Whatever the abbreviation, let’s check it out! By the way, here’s the full interview.

The packaging tore whilst opening but I think you get the idea (click image to enlarge). This is one that you have to drain.

The noodle block was broken a little – here’s the big chunk!

Here’s the pair of dry seasonings: first, fried onion on the left then powder seasoning on the right.

You sprinkle this on the finished noodles at the end. It’s a great addition of crunchiness and flavor.

The powdered seasoning packet’s content.

Now the wet stuff. From left to right: seasoned oil, spicy chili sauce and finally sweet soy sauce.

Here’s the seasoned oil.

Here are the chili sauce and sweet soy sauce.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added a fried egg with a little Huy Fong Sriracha chili sauce and a little Krazy Mixed Up Salt, a little kizami shoga (pickled ginger), a little shredded cheese, some beef I scissored up, lime  and some of the veggie mix from Country Farms my wife kindly diced up for me! Well as I said, this stuff is wonderful. There’s a reason it’s popular – it tastes good! The noodles have a nice sweet and spicy taste and everything else compliments it so nicely! Ahhhh I can’t recommend this more! Excellent! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars! UPC bar code 089686041705 – you can’t get the jumbo in the US but you can get the regular size pack here.

Here’s a nice Indomie commercial.

Mi Goreng (fried noodles) made by a street vendor in Indonesia


  1. I’m from Indonesia, and I’m a huge fan of indomie as well. Just a suggestion to make something wonderful even better, when making indomie, after u’ve drained the noods frm the water, u shud heat a pan, pour the flavored oil and fry the noodlw as u would w normal fried noodles. Then add the remaining stuffs (powdered seasoning and sauces) and fry till its dry. Its troublesome, but super delish!

    Also, when making soup noodles i put the powder in first then the noodles (i know this isnt what they say in the packets) but the noodles absorb the flavors better this way!

    Thanks for writing such an interesting blog! Would love to read more but its making me hungry, and its 1am here… lol

    Helen Sutanto

  2. How does this one compare to the Indomie Special Curly Fried Noodles which is #1 on your all time favorites?

    1. That’s a good question – this compares more closely with the #2, the jumbo BBQ chicken. The difference with that and this is a little flavor, nothing more. I love the little differences in the BBQ version. Thing is though, they’re very subtle so I would say they’re virtually interchangeable.

      – TRR

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