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Prima Taste Ready Meal – Beef Rendang With Rice

Prima Taste Ready Meal - Beef Rendang With Rice - Singapore - The Ramen Rater

Here’s the second of four short little looks at Prima Taste’s new Ready Meals line. This one’s beef rendang. Rendang is an Indonesian dish of beef that’s cooked in coconut milk with lots of seasonings. There is wet and dry Rendang – the wet is what I’m guessing we have here. Here’s a little more info from Prima Taste –

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Prima Taste Ready Meal – Curry Chicken With Rice

Prima Taste Ready Meal - Curry Chicken With Rice

I know, I know – you don’t have to tell me that this isn’t an instant noodle, but the folks at Prima Taste sent me some of these neat meal pouches and I wanted to let people know about them. You cut a little slit in the side towards the top and microwave for 90 seconds. Boom – curry chicken rice!  Here’s a quote from the company:

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More Product Samples From Prima Taste

More Product Samples From Prima Taste - Singapore - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

When I get a package here, it’s turned into a kind of celebration. So the head of festivities is Miles – a box comes and he’s ready to beat on it like a drum! I think he’s going to be a percussionist when he grows up – which I’d definitely be okay with. However, maybe he’ll be a noodle reviewer and follow in my footsteps – who knows; he’s not even two years old yet haha! Let’s open the box!

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#2262: Dream Kitchen Curry

Here’s one we found when in Renton, Washington’s Uwajimaya a while back. From what it looks like on the label, this is a private label for a big distributor here in the USA by a company in Singapore.I love curry but have been a little confused by this series. Let’s give it a looksie.

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#2223: KOKA Rice Noodles Fragrant Chicken Pho Ga Flavour

Here’s one that was sent to me from Australian by Jen – thank you very much! It’s pretty rare that I get anything from Australia and her package a while back was a trove of neat stuff! This one’s sold in Australia and elsewhere and made in Singapore by the folks at Tat Hui. Let’s check it out!

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A Recipe Using Prima Taste Laksa


Prima Taste Laksa Rice

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I usually wake up at 5 in the morning, take a ton of pictures, edit them, get a post ready and then around lunchtime do the actual pictures and cooking and review. I’ve done it this way for a while and it’s a pretty good schedule for me, especially with a one year old in the house with his own schedule. Today I thought I’d take a day off and maybe have something different for lunch.

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#2169: Happy Family Vegetable Flavour Instant Noodles

This is one that the folks from Prima Taste sent me when I did a call for instant noodles to review when I was running low a while back – thanks again! I always love to find  new varieties to review – and what surprises many is that I like trying different store brands. Many will say ‘oh – these aren’t special, they’re common!’ Well, they’re often not common where I live – and if I’ve not tried them, they’re definitely diamonds in the rough! Let’s have a look at this one!

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