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The January Box From Exotic Noods!

Exotic Noods is a monthly subscription service where you can get a few neat varieties of instant noodles shipped to your door! This is really great for those who are nowhere near an Asian grocery – or those of you who are but have no idea where to start or what to try. Their picks are usually pretty good – stuff most people will enjoy. Let’s crack this box open and see what’s inside!!

Here’s what I found under the lid (click to enlarge).

A little pamphlet outlining the varieties within.

A nice assortment (click to enlarge)! Clockwise from top left, we have Samyang Ramen, a South Korean bowl which was originally introduced in 1963. Next is Nongshim Kimchi Noodle Soup – one I real;ly liked. Beneath that is a past The Ramen Rater’s top Ten List pick – Nissin Yakisoba. Finally, Maruchan Kitsune Udon and a few pairs of chopsticks. Note – the Nissin Yakisoba is upside down, as my assistant was ‘helping…’

I had to take this picture really fast as he ran around the apartment shaking this one and yelling at it happily. Thank to Exotic Noods for the sample box – check out their website today!

Announcing ‘The Ramen Rater Select:’ The Ultimate Instant Noodles

January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year! I have something very special to announce: The Ramen Rater Select. What is it? The Ramen Rater Select is a line of premium instant noodles – ones that I consider to be the best in the world. The first variety will be available soon, and soon I’ll let everyone in on the flavor and where it can be purchased.

As you know, I’ve reviewed thousands of instant noodles over the years; ones I’ve liked immensely, ones I haven’t. All of the best aspects I’ve found went into the recipe for these products. This isn’t something I’ve taken lightly; it’s really been a process of trial and error. This effort has resulted in a line that is just amazing. 

When available, I’ll be having samples sent to other reviewers and posting their reviews here. Ultimately, it’s all about you – the hungry guy or gal who wants to taste something authentic, innovative and delicious. I believe I have created this and can’t wait to hear what the world thinks!

Finally, I want to mention: THE RAMEN RATER SELECT WILL NOT BE ON ANY OF MY TOP TEN LISTS. It just wouldn’t be fair, and a definite conflict of interest. I will continue to review instant noodles as I always have – based solely on my taste buds.

Again, Happy New Year to all – this hobby went from a whim to a way of life and I have all my readers and fans of instant noodles to thank, so thank you to all of you, all over the world. I appreciate you and I hope you will consider The Ramen Rater Select a kind of thank you.

Happy Holidays!

I’ll admit – I made this image before the arrival of our little girl Miriam, so here’s a new picture of her too!

She’s the best Christmas present in the universe A week old on Christmas Eve. From all of us, hope you have a great holiday season and a happy new year!

A Special Announcement

Well I’d first like to say Happy Holidays to everyone who reads the blog and follows it. Second, this will be the last post for a couple days. Why? Because we’re off to the hospital to have our baby girl today! It’ll be a day or two for new posts to start up, – don’t worry there will be picture 🙂