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#3108: Culley’s World’s Hottest Ramen Noodles – New Zealand

#3108: Culley's World's Hottest Ramen Noodles - New Zealand

I got an email from Mr. Cullen a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in trying his new spicy product. I definitely was – but what really piqued my interest what that this was coming from a company in New Zealand. I haven’t reviews many products from New Zealand and this being one with such a lofty claim really was interesting to me. It contains Carolina Reaper pepper mash. I’ve seen many do the challenge where they eat a raw Carolina Reaper pepper in one bite and then endure the consequences. But I have to say that the spiciest on on my top ten spicy list isn’t a slouch by any means, and I’m extremely curious how this will compare. Let’s do this. ...see full post

Unboxing: Culley’s World’s Hottest Ramen Noodles – New Zealand

Unboxing: Culley's World's Hottest Ramen Noodles - New Zealand

As you probably know, I come out with an annual top ten spiciest list. Well, this product claims to be the hottest – period. It’s made with the infamous Carolina Reaper Pepper – something I’ll admit I’ve not come in contact with. This is my first look at them and I take a little time to check out what comes in the box as well as the ingredients and some nutrition stats. ...see full post

#2068: Maggi Fusian Special Edition Ow… Ow… Spicy Cow Flavour Mi Goreng

First off, I must thank Jen from Australia for sending this real gem of an instant noodle. I mean come on – I think anyone reading the name of this variety definitely should thank her. Ow… Ow… Spicy Cow – I mean that’s awesome. This one is made in Malaysia, however it’s for the Australia/New Zealand market. Without further ado, let’s crack it open and get punished by the spicy cow. ...see full post