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#4699: Acecook Tomyum Soup Instant Noodle – South Korea

#4699: Acecook Tomyum Soup Instant Noodle - South Korea

Thisd is a very interesting one found at GMart in Lynnwood, Washington state. This is made by Acecook Vietnam for the South Korean market. Honestly, I’ve never heard of tomyum eaten in South Korea. Do they do that? Thai food is popular in Taiwan, that much I know. Malaysia too – but they’re neighbors so that makes sense. I suppose they wouldn’t make this is nobody liked tomyum soup in South Korea. Anyways, it’s interesting – let’s checkk it out. ...see full post

The Wonderful Easy Ramen Grilled Cheese!

I went out walking yesterday morning and it was cold – like 17 degrees cold. That’s -7 to those blessed with the mtric system. Anyways, wind chill dropped it to 8 and it was cold – bitter cold. While out walking, I had a thought – it would be fun to make something weird in the kitchen after I did my regular reviews for the day. So, that’s what I did and here it is. ...see full post

#4692: Culley’s World’s Hottest Ramen Noodles 2.0 – New Zealand

#4692: Culley's World's Hottest Ramen Noodles 2.0 - New Zealand

Well, here we are folks. A few years ago, I tried Culley’s World’s Hottest Ramen Noodles 1.0. It’s funny; things that say ‘best ever’ and ‘greatest’ or ‘world’s’ often end up with a bit of disappointment. This delivers, and is an apt title. The 1.0 certainly was as such. This one as well. This transcends spiciness; it’s got Carolina Reaper and Ghost pepper mash in the wet sachet.  I believe there’s reaper in the togarashi sachet as well. Indeed, some foreboding stuff going on here. ...see full post

#4689: Nissin Cup Noodles Big Wok Style Soba Chili – Germany

#4689: Nissin Cup Noodles Big Wok Style Soba Chili - Germany

So my sister is really into German stuff and when I review these, I save the plastic cups for her knick knack shelf. Just noticed this appears to have a Vegan logo on the lower right there. This morning, my wife is flying to the memorial service for her grandfather in California, so I’ve got a few days solo with the kids which will be nice but we’re already missing her. Her grandfather was quite a guy – I did a slideshow for them with music if you want to check it out. He was a 3 time purple heart recipient and was in WWII. He was a neat guy and will really be missed. Anyways, let’s cook up some yakisoba! ...see full post