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Myojo USA Sends Fresh Ramen & Yakisoba Samples

Myojo USA Sends Fresh Ramen & Yakisoba Samples

I met the folks at Myojo USA a while back and got the chance to try their wonderful products. I saw there was some new packaging for a couple varieties I’d not tried on Instagram and so reached out. They sent samples of those as well as a few other varieties I’ve not tried before – let’s check them out and thank you very much! ...see full post

#3460: Paldo Bibimmen (35th Anniversary Edition) – South Korea

#3460: Paldo Bibimmen (35th Anniversary Edition) - South Korea

This is a longstanding favorite of mine and probably the first cold noodle I came in contact with. First time I had it I wasn’t so sure, but over time it definitely grew on me. This is usually enjoyed in the summer months, but seeing as the folks at Paldo sent it to me recently, I’d give it a go right now. Let’s cook it up! ...see full post

#1562: Koka Purple Wheat Noodles Soy & Vinegar Flavor

I must admit that in the past I haven’t been entirely fond of noodles with different colors. Not because I dislike the color (actually I find that fascinating), but because they tend to have an off taste to them and just seem kind of ‘gimmicky.’ It’s been about 300 or so reviews since I tried the Aglio Olio variety of this line. Let’s see how this Soy & Vinegar one goes! ...see full post

Gol Bim Men Recipe – Paldo Bibim Men with Bai-Top Shell

Today, I’m trying a new recipe sent to me by the folks at Paldo! Summer is right around the corner and this cold noodle dish is great to enjoy during the warmer months of the year. It was first introduced on a South Korean TV show on the KBS network called ‘Happy Together’ (click here to see the video). It uses some ingredients I’ve never heard of before, but I’m sure the folks in South Korea are very familiar with them – Cho Gochujang and Bai-Top Shell. Cho Gochujang is a gochujang infused with vinegar. But what’s bai-top you ask? Sea snails! Never had snails from the sea or otherwise before. Thank you to Moses over at Paldo America for sending me everything to make this! Always excited to try something new. ...see full post