#59: Maggi Chinese Noodles Lemon Chicken Flavor

Maggi: Chinese Noodles Lemon Chicken Flavor
Stars: *** 1/2
Country of origin: India
Seasoning: 2 Packets, 1 dry 1 oil
Noodles: Wheat flour

One packet of seasoning had crunchy bits and a little vegetables. The other is a seasoning oil

The seasoning oil and crunchy veggie back combined here prior to noodle addition.

Noodles prior to boiling. They seemed like a very small mount compared to the size of the crunchy
stuff and oil.

Review: This was an enjoyable bowl of noodles. They came from my favorite Indian grocery, Indian Sweets & Spices in Shoreline, WA. The noodles cooked up almost instantaneously, but I did let them cook the whole three minutes. After draining them and mixing them together with the crunchy vegetables pack [referred to on the packaging as ‘Tastemaker with garnish’] and seasoning oil, I dug right on in. My first reaction was to the crunchy bits that were here and there in the noodles. They were surprisingly good and original; like a kind of salad topping I suppose – gone weird. The noodles themselves were a little funky, but after reading the ingredients on the back of the package, I was a bit mortified. “This package of chinese noodles contains added monosodium glutamate. Not recommended for infants under 12 months.” So that was disturbing and the noodles are made from wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil [trans fat] and edible gum. This ramen is actually made by Maggi [part of Nestle] in New Delhi. So, aside from the unhealthy aspects, this was a new and very interesting bowl of noodles. Get it here.


  1. I don’t get it anymore here in India….Where can I buy this..I really loved the taste..N now it’s no more available here 🙁

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