#439: Little Cook Tom Yum Seafood Premium Noodle

So the idea of a seafood noodle soup with fake seafood has been kind of daunting for the past couple months. However, today was the day. I must fear no ramen! So, here we have some seafood tom yum from Thailand.

Nice earthy colors from left to right: dry seasoning powder, seasoned oil paste and finally chili powder.

Then we’ve got a retort pouch!

It’s full of fake seafood – looks like it’s made from tapioca and other things. There appear to be mushrooms in there too according to the ingredients.

Wow now that’s a crazy looking pile of packet contents. Should be interesting…

Click image to enlarge. Added a couple fried eggs. So here we are. The noodles are of a wider gauge – broad and flat and actually quite good. The broth is flavorful – spicy and lemonny. As for the fake seafood, it’s not bad. However the mushrooms are kind of funky – I had one larger piece that was almost the consistency of a carrot. So this was pretty good stuff I’ll admit and I’m kind of pleased I have two of them. Giving this one a 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.


  1. I just had one of these for lunch and I was quite pleased. The Retort pouch definitely takes it up a notch. Admittedly there was one particularly huge piece of, well, whatever, that I didn’t eat. Overall I will eat it again and now I’m looking at their other offerings as well.

  2. Just had a bowl of this. I completely cheated by adding my own condiments as a flavor base, but the results were quite tasty. For the record, a healthy amount of fish sauce, SCS (screaming cock sauce), garlic/black bean paste and an egg. I assume the packaged flavorings helped a lot; the results where a rich and tasty soup with good, toothsome noodles. I will say this. The “Retort Pouch” (what on earth could that mean?) was filled with some really nasty looking gloppy crap that I quickly decided not to consume. All in all, cheating a bit, yes, but tasty.

    1. No retort pouch?!?! Oh man that’s the adventure! The retort pouch is a modern marvel and keep the stuff fresh for years. Little Cook makes one that’s Curry Chicken and it’s awesome – it’s TVP [textured vegetable protein] and that stuff is ridiculously weird!

      I really must recommend it! Retort pouch and all!

      The Ramen Rater

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