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#3288: Little Cook Spicy Beef Flavor – Thailand

#3288: Little Cook Spicy Beef Flavor - Thailand

Almost 3000 reviews ago I gave this one a try. It looks as though I really liked it. It’s been such a long time it’s getting a new number- mainly because I’m going to guess that sourcing has changed at least soewhat and also the cup is different; it used to be a foam bowl. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #3036: TTL Pickled Vegetable Beef With Hua-Diao Liquor Instant Noodle – Taiwan

Meet The Manufacturer: #3036: TTL Pickled Vegetable Beef With Hua-Diao Liquor Instant Noodle - Taiwan

It is with great thanks and a week of interesting flavors that we bid adieu to the last of the varieties from TTL. This is the packaged version of the pickled vegetable beef variety. I really wasn’t sure how all these liquor-infused varieties would go, but they’ve been really quite impressive. Let’s check out this final variety. ...see full post

#2947: Kiki Sichuan Beef Noodles Soup (台湾KIKI 牛肉面)

#2947: Kiki Sichuan Beef Noodles Soup (台湾KIKI 牛肉面)

Alright – to start off, wow. This is huge. This box screams fancy, that’s for sure. I’ve had a few of Kiki’s dry noodle varieties, but recently this and a Mapo Tofu variety came out as well (which of course I’ll be reviewing soon). Beef Noodle Soup is exceedingly popular in Taiwan – here’s a little about it from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2870: Little Cook Tomato Beef Noodles

#2870: Little Cook Tomato Beef Noodles

I received this as a gift from a representative of the Little Cook brand in Taipei, Taiwan at the Taiwan International Food Expo! Thank you very much! She also accepted the third place award from The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Taiwanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2017 Edition – Little Cook Green Curry –  at the awards show. I’ve been waiting for the right time to have this one! Let’s take a look! ...see full post

#2768: Wei Lih Yi Du Zan Beef Instant Noodles

#2768: Wei Lih Yi Du Zan Beef Instant Noodles

Another big meaty bowl I lugged back from Taiwan in November 2017. A reader on the Facebook page for The Ramen Rater requested I pick this one up and I found it I believe at FamilyMart. ...see full post

#1166: Unif Man Han Feast Sichuan Chili Eel Flavor Instant Noodle

Here’s one from T&T Supermarket up in Vancouver, BC! Many Taiwanese extolled the virtues of these Man Han Feast varieties, especially a beef version. I had the Spring Onion Eel flavor a while back and this is the only other one I’ve seen available in North America. So what does Man Han Feast mean? Wikipedia says: ...see full post

#773: Little Cook Instant Noodle TVP Stewed Pork Flavor

Here’s another one that was sent in by Michelle L. of New York, New York – thanks again! TVP? What’s TVP? Well, I’ve had it quite a few times before. TVP stands for ‘textured vegetable protein’ and is basically fake meat. Usually you couldn’t get pork in a packet coming from Thailand into the states – fake pork on the other hand is doable. ...see full post

#439: Little Cook Tom Yum Seafood Premium Noodle

So the idea of a seafood noodle soup with fake seafood has been kind of daunting for the past couple months. However, today was the day. I must fear no ramen! So, here we have some seafood tom yum from Thailand. ...see full post

#386: Fu Chang Chinese Noodle Company Pork, Seafood & Noodles Combo

Well, this looks like a lot of insanity! Here we go!!!

Wait – I thought this was pork and seafood flavor, not shrimp flavor… ...see full post