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Meet The Manufacturer: #2656: Mikka Noodle Snack Roasted Corn Flavour

Meet The Manufacturer: #2556: Mikka Noodle Snack Roasted Corn Flavour

Whenever I see the word ‘corn’ on anything Southeast Asia, I always think of when I was at the airport in Penang, Malaysia. There was a little snack stall in there and it mentioned ‘corn in a cup.’ I thought this was the most fantastic thing; what could that possibly be? Our host looked at me like I was high and said plainly ‘it’s corn – in a cup.’ ...see full post

#2582: Acecook Super Cup Shoyu Butter Corn Ramen

#2582: Acecook Super Cup Shoyu Butter Corn Ramen - Japan - The Ramen Rater

Here’s one sent by Javier over at Box From Japan. At Box From Japan, you can receive boxes of instant ramen from Japan as well as different subscription boxes like Japanese candy! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? What’s more, in the two years I’ve been reviewing these, I’ve not ever received one that I’d reviewed before! ...see full post

Disney Noodles From Nissin Thailand!

Walked to get the mail today and the mailman gave me this box. Wasn’t sure what it was and then remembered! Nissin Thailand has a line of Winnie The Pooh themed noodles I saw a few times on instagram. I asked my contact Ms. Janenate about getting some samples and here they are! You might remember her name from the Nissin Thailand Meet The Manufacturer (check it out here). The neat little cups have little Winnie The Pooh fishcake in them! Let’s look inside! ...see full post

#1570: Maruchan Big Cup Ramen Corn, Salt & Butter Flavor

Once in a while, I get something a little different – something that contains something I’ve not seen before. This is one of those times. So it was kind of difficult to translate this one – it’s basically salt Butter and Corn flavor, although the translation I ended up with didn’t mention the corn. I decided to go ahead and add corn in the title anyways. Also, I saw lots of translations mention the word circle, although I’m not sure if that was just Google translate being weird.Anyways, this is a big bowl of noodles and I’m very curious to try them. Without any further adieu, let’s open this thing up and look inside! ...see full post