Disney Noodles From Nissin Thailand!

Walked to get the mail today and the mailman gave me this box. Wasn’t sure what it was and then remembered! Nissin Thailand has a line of Winnie The Pooh themed noodles I saw a few times on instagram. I asked my contact Ms. Janenate about getting some samples and here they are! You might remember her name from the Nissin Thailand Meet The Manufacturer (check it out here). The neat little cups have little Winnie The Pooh fishcake in them! Let’s look inside!

Under the hood (click to enlarge).

Roast pork with Piglet (fitting) and Pooh (click to enlarge).

Chicken and mushroom with Eeyore (click to enlarge)!

Chicken and corn with Pooh (click to enlarge)!

Seaweed flavor with Tigger (click to enlarge)!

Finally, Pooh and Tigger join together for Crab flavor (click to enlarge)! Very big thank you to Ms. Janenate for sending these! I’m very excited to review them!

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