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#2266: Nissin Disney Cuties Instant Noodle Crab Flavour

Here’s one that Janenate from Nissin Thailand sent – thank you! Very sad times in Thailand currently; they’ve lost their King. I’ve read a lot and viewed some documentaries about him and I’m amazed. He was an amazing man – he really did a lot for him people. I look at our elections here at home and just feel a sickness from it. I send my sincere condolences to the people of Thailand and I hope the King’s philosophy continues on. Let’s have a look at this cup from Thailand with some familiar and friendly faces! ...see full post

#2211: Nissin Disney Cuties Instant Noodle Roast Pork Flavour

I’m really excited about these – got 5 different varieties from Nissin Thailand – always looking for anything kid related when it comes to instant noodles! The fact is that there’s a market all over the world for instant noodles for kids; think about it – we have adult breakfast cereal here and then ones marketed to kids. Same with instant noodle abroad. Let check it out! ...see full post

Disney Noodles From Nissin Thailand!

Walked to get the mail today and the mailman gave me this box. Wasn’t sure what it was and then remembered! Nissin Thailand has a line of Winnie The Pooh themed noodles I saw a few times on instagram. I asked my contact Ms. Janenate about getting some samples and here they are! You might remember her name from the Nissin Thailand Meet The Manufacturer (check it out here). The neat little cups have little Winnie The Pooh fishcake in them! Let’s look inside! ...see full post