#678: Wang Kitsune Udon Noodle

Here’s another one from the nice people at RamenPleace.com! This is a Korean udon bowl with fried tofu – usually something I would imagine in a Japanese bowl. Let’s see how it tastes!

Here’s the side of the bowl (click image to enlarge). I like how one of the places these come from is San Leandro, California – the first time I met my wife in person, San Leandro was a place we went – we went down by the water and ate some Round Table Pizza on the tailgate. Good times!

Here is the noodle packet. Fresh, wide noodles!

Liquid soup base! Big packet!

The Kitsune! Fried tofu is really good!

Ahhh the good stuff!

Awaiting water to the line and a three minute spin in the microwave.

After cooking, add flake and stir!

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added a few dashes of Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce and a couple pieces of sushinori. The noodles are your standard fresh udon – nice and wide and chewy. The broth is great – sweet and hearty and a hint of seafood taste. The fried tofu is wonderfully sweet and chewy with a nice texture. The flake veggies were nice too – abundant and of good character. All in all, I’m quite pleased with this one! 4.0 out of 5.0 stars! UPC barcode 087703082823 – get it here!

Now this looks like fun!

Korean fried tofu side dish


      1. Meh..not great.. still lots of doctor visits and lots of tests.. they still are having trouble seeing the problem area so I gotta wait some more 🙁

        1. Sorry to hear that – I hope things go better soon! I’ve been under the weather myself – had a wonderful month with pneumonia and then my wife had to get emergency surgery last week – when it rains it pours! I don’t know if you saw but those socks you sent must have been good luck – Nong Shim is sending my wife and I to their Rancho Cucamonga plant for a tour – pretty amazing!

          – TRR

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