Re-Review: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Pork Flavor

I remember reviewing this one a while back up in Anacortes – got it and was really stoked as I’d never seen it before!

Here’s my son, Andreas! He’s eating a bowl of Indomie Special Chicken flavor noodles – he doesn’t like the soup do I drain it for him. He gave me a gift this year for Christmas which was a pack of Beef, Pork and Oriental Maruchan noodles! Awesome! Thank you so much, Andy! Love you and will enjoy these and review them!

Here’s the back of the packaging (click image to enlarge). Pretty standard panels.

The noodle block.

I keep seeing people doing up posts like ‘how to make ramen healthy’ and one thing they say to do is to either get rid of the packet altogether or use barely any of it. I don’t think these people like to taste their food. Anyways, here’s the glorious single packet!

Here’s the seasoning powder – yes, it contains salt. So does a salt shaker, pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Click image to enlarge. I added two eggs as it boiled. I also adjust the water – about 25mL less. I don’t know if it does much, but it seems like the flavor stays more intact what with the increase in mass in the bowl. Anyways, the noodles – your standard all-Americanized/Japanese noodles. Note – to those who demand they delete the seasoning pscket, why not just buy some high quality ramen noodles? Soba! Come on! The broth is very nice – salty and pork flavor. I really liked this one. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars! Thasnks again, Andy! Merry Christmas!

Andy’s a huge LEGO maniac – and soon as I click ‘post,’ we’re going to build a ton of sets he got for Christmas!



  1. Why can’t I find the pork or the mushroom flavoured ramen noodles in Canada? They are my favorite and it’s impossible to find a pack. If at least I could by just the little pack of powder, I’d buy any other ramen soup and I’d put the pork or the mushroom powder in it instead of the chicken or beef ones that are the only ones we can find here.

  2. I ordered this on Amazon, yay. Nice, light salty and pork flavor. Added leftover pork, boiled with the noodles along with some veggies and egg, the meat enhanced the pork flavor. Though I will say that the full 2 cups of water the package says to add is probably too much, so I add slightly less water( around a cup and a half) and it has more flavor, and a good amount of broth. Maruchan noodles in general are good, nice flavors.

  3. This was my ‘go to’ flavor in College. Use to be able to but a 12 pack for $1. best .08 cent meal ever. A few years ago it got harder and harder to find the pork flavor, now I never see it anymore. The Nissan pork either. I was told that they stopped making them.

    But here it is.

    I guess I will resume my hunt.

  4. Agreed on the flavor packet! I remember a quote from went something like, I DECREE, I AM THE RAMEN RATER! I FEAR NO RAMEN! I USE FULL FLAVOR SACHET!

    1. Dude that’s funny yeah I’m all about that because I mean really? You’re going to make dinner out of something you claim to abhor? It’s strange what these ‘foodies’ and ‘health conscious’ folks will do and what they won’t. The same person who claims the noodles are bad will do a review on stuffed crust pizza with 2500mg sodium and 50g fat…
      – TRR

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