#585: Ve Wong Artificial Onion Flavor Instant Bean Thread Bowl

And on we go with the onslaught of instant noodles that I’ve not gotten to as they don’t look all that tasty. Today we start with some onion flavored bean thread.

Click image to enlarge. I really wish it was wheat flour noodles – this sounds pretty good. What I dislike about bean thread is how mushy and clumpy it is.

A couple of packets – the big one seemed to be mostly veggies but I detected some minor amount of powder as I dumped it. The seasoned oil on the right looks alien.

Had to mess with the contrast a bit to make this shot look like much. The pic came out mostly white! Looks like bout what you’d expect from onion bean thread soup.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the deal: the noodles were pretty good for bean thread – they weren’t violently gloppy, but gloppy enough to be lame. What surprised me was the lack of flavor; I was expecting good flavor from a Ve Wong product but it’s pretty bland. Yuck. No fun. 1.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Ve Wong soy sauce commercial

Captain Kirk says watch your ass when frying that turkey!

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