#556: Wings Food Mie Sedaap Mi Goreng Perisa Asli

This is Mi Goreng – made by Indomie’s chief competitor. Will it stack up to Indomie Mi Goreng? Let’s see – the battle begins!

From left to right: Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce), manas pedas (chili sauce), seasoned oil and bumbo (powder seasoning.

They all wait on a plate for the drained noodles and some stirring.

Some onions that will go atop the finished product.

Click image to enlarge. Package back. Notice the onion pack is of ‘plant origin,’

Click image to enlarge. Finished. Added a couple fried eggs and some pickled ginger. Those little funny pebbles are the fried onions. So the noodles are okay – actually slightly lesser quality in my opinion than Indomie but just slightly. The flavor of the noodles is excellent – a little spicy and a bit less sweet than Indomie’s. The onions are awesome – crispy and perfectly cooked. So no, it isn’t Indomie; it’s Mie Sedaap, and it’s really quite good. It’s tough not making it a comparison kind of thing since I’m such a big fan of Indomie’s products. This will do in a pinch though and it is quite excellent. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

A couple Mie Sedaap commercials.


  1. You should try Mie Sedaap Rasa Kari Special… . Is the thickiest curry instant noodle you willl find here. And, maybe Indomie Goreng is already part of “Are you not from Indonesia if u never tried Indomie Goreng before?”, but this noodle is the best seller here these days. You should check it out… .

  2. Hey,i really enjoy your indonesian top ten instant noodle,you should try the Mi Sedaap Soto Special flavour and the Mi Sedaap Sambal Goreng flavour,it’s really good!

          1. Bleh, didnt really go so well. Im going into physical rehab tomorrow! Gonna try to eat a tiny bit of noodles this time for lunch! Gonna see how that goes!

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