#557: Batchelor’s Super Noodles Southern Fried Chicken Flavour

No way, really? Way. Southern fried chicken. It’s funny because it took the British to come up with a fried chicken flavor of instant noodles! I don’t have a clue why Nissin or Maruchan picks up on this kind of thing and markets it in the US – it’d be so popular here. Alas, I fear they travel the safe road and ‘crazy’ is cheese flavored noodles. I should note though that Maruchan has made a Yakisoba bowl here that is Taco flavored – wish I could get my hands on it!

Here’s the back of the package… Click image to enlarge.

Only one packet. Here’s the front…

…and the tip on the back.

So it smells like chicken fried steak. It really does!

Click image to enlarge. A couple fried eggs with a dash of pepper on top were added. Holy cow – this stuff is a trip – it does kind of taste like the seasoning they use in chicken fried steak – like the Marie Callender’s ones.  It makes sense that it would go well with eggs… The noodles and sauce and flavoring are interesting together – the noodles’ consistency is almost goopy when paired with the sauce that we end up with. It’s pretty good! 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. You can find it on Amazon here.

Awesome commercial.

Okay I dunno if this guy ever gets to cooking it – he’s a yammerer. But hopefully he shows ya how to make it.

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