October 28, 2011

Indigestion: Reader’s Digest Article Way Off The Mark

This was found, given to my sister and passed along to me. This is from a Reader’s Digest. I haven’t seen the Lucky Peach yet but boy is this stuff screwed up. I really liked how Nong Shim was just a Californian company – no mention of the fact that it’s Korean.  The Myojo Chukazanmai is a line of noodles by Myojo and has such an array of types (some are even to be served cold) that this broad review makes no sense. I think everyone knows how I feel about the GreeNoodle – try and try again I find them detestable. The Kamfen was the kicker for me though. Which one was reviewed? There’s a ton of varieties… Finally the article’s name kind of peeves me, but at least someone might go ahead and see f people review instant noodles online. The kicker? Not any mentions of anything from Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam. Shameful!