#36: Lucky Me! Itnok Chicken & Egg Flavor Nutrition Noodles

Lucky Me: Itnok
Stars: ***
Notes: This is some really decent stuff. A very tasty chicken broth and very curious noodles round out this small bag. It seems this may be a children’s style of ramen also. I wonder what Itnok means – could it be the sound of the chicken emoting sheer joy being told it will be ground into a flavorful spice sack and packaged with a smiling likeness of itself? I’m hoping so, as if it were an unhappy chicken, Bock Bagok would be the name,


  1. Hi Ramen Rater!
    “Itnok” is a combination of two Philippine words.
    Egg (“itlog”) and chicken (“manok”).
    You are right, this is a children’s style ramen.
    The package says Lusog-Sarap Nutrition Noodles: it makes you strong (“lusog”) and it is delicious (“sarap”).

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