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#3785: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Chili Lime Flavor – United States

#3861: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Chili Lime Flavor - United States

This is the second of the Panda Signature variety cup style noodles I’ll be trying today. I must say, the video where I unboxed a ton of varieties a reader in Montana sent me has done really well. Sadly, it’s not because people are excited about the products. They’ve been much maligned by folks who were sad to see their former favorite get replaced by this brand. One thing people have brought up too is the country of origin on these. You see, on the single packs, the closest thing I could find to a country of origin was from the HALAL seal being from Malaysia. People kept saying that they said ‘product of PRC.’ PRC is People’s Republic Of China. Well, this cup says that, so I have visual confirmation that these are manufactured in China. To me, this isn’t a big deal; a LOT of instant noodles are manufactured in China. However, many are incensed by this insofar that the product it replaced was made in the United States. I’m sure some other reasons have led to their anger about this, which I’m not sympathetic to.  But I can see their point on the made in the USA viewpoint. More importantly, they’ve been extremely critical of the flavor of these products being different, and have been downright disgusted by them. I won’t say any have been favorites of mine, but I haven’t found them as a range to be incredibly bad or worth of my bottom ten list. This being said, I have heard that 12 packs of the noodles around around $2 – which is pretty inexpensive. I wouldn’t expect filet mignon at under twenty cents per portion,. Anyways, I was able to contact the company that produces these and they’ve mentioned that they are going to be producing a reformulated version (aka a new recipe). So, I’ll of course try them when they debut and hopefully be able to do an interview with them when that time comes. If you’re wondering that since they’re made in China why the title up top says United States, this product isn’t for sale like this in China and specifically made for Walmart stores here. Let’s check out this one out – sounds tasty enough from the name. ...see full post

#3731: Cheetos Mac’N Cheese Flamin’ Hot Flavor – United States

#3731: Cheetos Mac'N Cheese Flamin' Hot Flavor - United States

Here’s the other spicy variety from the Cheetos Mac’N Cheese series. I should note that we tried the non-spicy regular cheese flavor today. Wasn’t bad; wasn’t amazing. Anyways, I also want to point out something – this isn’t macaroni; it’s rotini. Macaroni is pasta shapen in tubes. Rotini isn’t. Just saying. Alright – let’s give this spicy one a try. ...see full post

Panda Signature Varieties From A Reader Include A Mystery!

Panda Signature Varieties From A Reader Include A Mystery!

What is this? Where does it come from? These are all good questions about these Panda Signature products sent by a guy named Daniel from Montana (thanks again!). After looking all over the packaging and just finding they’re distributed here in the United States by Albany Farms, I noticed something. The HALAL stamp. It’s under the authority that gives out HALAL certifications in… Malaysia! ...see full post

#2835: Da Long Yi Self Heating Hot Pot – Vegetable Version

#2835: Da Long Yi Self Heating Hot Pot - Vegetable Version

Alright – now if this isn’t something that doesn’t make you wanna check your head… So we went up to Canada yesterday. What was up there? This, the second one I’ve reviewed that has a little sachet that actually heats the bowl of noodles and cooks it. Where did I find it? I’m sure you’re thinking ‘oh some neat Asian grocery store.’ No. Hold onto your butts. My wife saw this one. At Walmart. Yeah. Walmart. The Walmart locations both in Richmond, BC and Vancouver, BC have decent noodle aisles with varieties from all over. It should be noted though that there’s a huge Asian population in this area – and so kind of makes sense in a demographic way. I mean, you certainly won’t see this near Walmart HQ in Bentonville, Arkansas…I thought it would be really cool if my son Andy got a chance to try and cook one of these. It should be fun! Glad we found it at Walmart – it was our last stop before heading back home. We go to Walmart every time we go to Canada. It’s really nice up there. Let’s cook this sucker up! ...see full post

Re-Review: Great Value Spicy Ramen Noodles (Flu Edition)

Re-Review: Great Value Spicy Ramen Noodles (Flu Edition) - Canada - The Ramen Rater - fire noodle challenge

If you look at the header on the site, you’ll see the Noodle Shop is gone. It used to be there but it’s not anymore. Why? Well, Amazon decided to get rid of their aStore thing, so I guess that’s that for the little store thing. However, that freed up a spot so I decided to put my YouTube Channel up there instead! I have been doing a lot of videos lately – especially ones having to do with hot and spicy things. Anyways, yesterday I posted a video of me attempting to eat a bowl of this really spicy Japanese variety – but there’s a catch. I have the flu. I don’t know if it was violent as it seemed or I am just weakened by the flu. Anyways, I definitely failed the attempt (don’t fret – I’ll be doing it again soon) and thought hey – let’s do something else spicy. ...see full post

#2242: Great Value Beef Style Noodles With Vegetables

Here’s one my sister brought me back from Canada – thanks again! Ah, Walmart. They’re probably the biggest store around and there are lots of them. What’s funny is that these are made in the United States and sold in Canada – but you can’t find them at Walmart store in the United States. Let’s check out the elusive Walmart Great Value cup noodle! ...see full post